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  *首* | 首* | *首
head / chief / first (occasion, thing etc) / classifier for poems, songs etc
to turn around / to look back / to recollect
head / be headed by
radical of a Chinese character
top of the list
the top of the page / (word processing) page header
Jishou county level city and capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州, Henan
head of state
leading / in first place / top of the list
Three Hundred Tang Poems, an anthology collected around 1763 by Sun Zhu 孫誅
to give oneself up / to surrender (to the authorities)
seat of honor / first place
to gather / to meet
to raise one's head and look around (esp. at the state of the nation)
to bend one's head
chief executive of Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong or Macao) / abbr. for 特別行政區首席執行官|特别行政区首席执行官
Jieshou county level city in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui
head of state
Shishou county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei
start of phrase or sentence
head high / in high spirits / to raise one's head (e.g. of neighing horse)
to behead
to nod one's head
bitter and hateful (idiom) / to grieve and lament (over sth)
chief / first / brightest and best
chief offender / main culprit
head of a society / sponsor of an organization
corpse / carcass / dead body
start of the year
to kowtow / also written 磕頭|磕头
to immerse oneself in (one's work, studies etc)
extremely angry / infuriated / enraged / headache caused by anger
lit. a thunder of dragons without a head / fig. a group lacking a leader
handsome male companion / gigolo
bow of a warship
holder for door knocker
doorway / gate / entrance
ship's bow
white head of hair / fig. old person
to behead
to offer one's life in sacrifice
right-hand side
hornless dragon head (used as ornamentation, esp. gargoyles)
candidate who ranked 1st in imperial examination on prefecture or county level (in Ming and Qing dynasties)
head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent / outstanding
start of a ten day period
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit / fig. main cause of a disaster
death by hanging
left-hand side

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