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Shangrao, prefecture-level city and county in Jiangxi
  *饶* | 饶* | *饶
surname Rao
  *饶* | 饶* | *饶
rich / abundant / exuberant / to add for free / to throw in as bonus / to spare / to forgive / despite / although
to beg forgiveness
fertile / richly provided
Guangrao County in Dongying 東營|东营, Shandong
not to overlook, nor spare (idiom); unwilling to forgive / to treat severely without listening to excuses
rich and fertile
to beg for mercy / to ask for forgiveness
to beg for mercy
to forgive / to spare
to give sth extra free of charge / (coll.) in vain; to no avail
to forgive easily / to let off lightly (often with negative: you won't get away with it)
not to forgive easily / not to let off / (You, He) won't get away with it!
to beg for forgiveness (idiom)
to kneel and beg forgiveness

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