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  *餐* | 餐* | *餐
meal / to eat / classifier for meals
breakfast / CL: , 頓|顿,
lunch / luncheon / CL: , 頓|顿,
fast food / snack / quick meal
communal meal / formal dinner of club or group
set meal / product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)
evening meal / dinner / CL: , 頓|顿,
lunch / Chinese meal / Chinese food / CL: , 頓|顿
to eat a meal
buffet / self-service meal
picnic / to have a picnic
great meal / banquet
(at a restaurant) to order a meal / (of a waiter) to take an order
(of food) accompaniment
in-flight meal
to have a meal
home delivery of meal
to eat and eat / to stuff oneself
a feast for the eyes (idiom) / (of women) gorgeous / graceful / (of scenery) beautiful
Holy Communion; Eucharist
side dish
cold meal / cold food
(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs
meal replacement
to hold a sinecure (idiom)
Western-style food / CL: , 頓|顿
meal replacement
separate meals / to eat individual meals (rather than taking one's food from plates served to everyone at the table)
to dine
the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)
to eat from a common pot / communal cafeteria
great meal fit for dragon's son (idiom); sumptuous banquet
to have three meals a day
to have an extra meal / snack
(regular) meal / full meal / main course
to dine and dash / to leave without paying
suspended meal (Tw)
to forget one's meals
the Last Supper (in the biblical Passion story)
potluck meal

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