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to be windy
microphone (loanword)
style / style of work / way
stage presence, poise
hurricane / typhoon
might / awe-inspiring authority / impressive
  *风* | 风* | *风
wind / news / style / custom / manner / CL: 陣|阵, 絲|丝
Chinese style / chinoiserie
airy / ventilation / to ventilate / to disclose information
old style / old custom / a pre-Tang Dynasty genre of poetry aka 古體詩|古体诗
painting style
storm wind / storm (force 11 wind)
cool breeze / fig. pure and honest
new trend / new custom
gale / CL: 場|场
style of study / academic atmosphere / school discipline / school traditions
whirlwind / tornado
(Tw) Japanese-style (cooking etc)
wind-borne / tossed about by the wind
strong wind / gale
breeze / light wind
cloak / cape
to go against the wind / contrary wind / a headwind
to protect from wind / fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricata), its root used in TCM
to go with the tide / to blindly follow the crowd / to follow the trend
trendy / eye-catching / flashy
sea breeze / sea wind (i.e. from the sea)
lit. tail wind / Bon voyage!
a forced draft (of wind, for smelting metal) / blast (in blast furnace) / bellows / to draw air using bellows
to suffer a paralyzing stroke
tornado / hurricane / twister / cyclone
gale / squall / whole gale (meteorology)
warm breeze
on the up / currently winning / rising (in popularity etc)
in the wind / facing the wind / downwind
to ride the wind / to use a fair wind / to take an opportunity
the tone of a school / campus atmosphere
popular customs / folkways / the character of the people of a nation (or region etc)
lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom) / fig. unfounded (story) / baseless (claim)
to take shelter from the wind / to lie low / to stay out of trouble
to collect local cultural material (recording folk songs, taking photos etc)
to ventilate / to induce a draft / spasm / convulsion
hair dryer
vigor / virility / dynamism / (literary) powerful wind
to relieve (cold, rheumatic pain etc) / lit. to dispel pathogenic wind (TCM)
leeward / downwind / disadvantageous position / to concede or give way in an argument
writing style / (used with 鼎盛) cultural activity
strong breeze (meteorology)
Fufeng County in Baoji 寶雞|宝鸡, Shaanxi
breeze / light wind
meaning behind the words / what sb really means to say / one's intentions as revealed in one's words / tone of speech
to catch cold
strong wind / gale
leprosy / Hansen's disease
unhealthy tendency
to let air pass through / to ventilate
to catch the wind / to go for a spin in the fresh air
too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate / fragile state of health
tetanus (lockjaw)
chill wind / (fig.) evil wind
to have a pleasant journey (idiom)
behavior / conduct
tradition or style from the past / old ways / surviving tradition / relic
to hold a welcoming dinner or reception
to take the lead / to gain the upper hand
to face into the wind / against the wind / fig. against the law
to have become common practice (idiom) / to become a general trend
lit. to use the eastern wind (idiom) / fig. to use sb's help
to step down gracefully (humble expression) / to concede defeat / to play second fiddle
to allow in fresh air / to allow a prisoner out for exercise / to give out information
Tuanfeng county in Huanggang 黃岡|黄冈, Hubei
lit. to invite the wind / fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism
to keep watch (during a clandestine activity) / to be on the lookout
Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan / cf Rectification campaign 整風運動|整风运动, army purge of 1942-44 and anti-rightist purge of 1957
infantile convulsion (illness affecting children esp. under the age of five, marked by muscular spasms)
lit. a tall tree attracts the wind (idiom) / fig. a famous or rich person attracts criticism
lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
in Daoism, astral wind on which immortals may ride / strong wind
sealed off / impenetrable
whirlwind / stormy wind
north wind
unhealthy trend / noxious influence
beaming / radiant with happiness
lit. drink the northwest wind (idiom); cold and hungry
to be on the lookout / to keep watch
trade wind
lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
evil wind
calligraphic style
all we need is an east wind (idiom); lacking only one tiny crucial item

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