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to be windy
microphone (loanword)
style / style of work / way
stage presence, poise
hurricane / typhoon
might / awe-inspiring authority / impressive
  *风* | 风* | *风
wind / news / style / custom / manner / CL: 陣|阵, 絲|丝
whirlwind / tornado
old style / old custom / a pre-Tang Dynasty genre of poetry aka 古體詩|古体诗
airy / ventilation / to ventilate / to disclose information
storm wind / storm (force 11 wind)
cool breeze / fig. pure and honest
painting style
gale / CL: 場|场
new trend / new custom
wind-borne / care-free
storm / gale / strong wind / flurry / blast
breeze / light wind
to protect from wind / fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricata), its root used in TCM
(Tw) Japanese-style (cooking etc)
style of study / academic atmosphere / school discipline / school traditions
to go against the wind / contrary wind / a headwind
to suffer a paralyzing stroke
tornado / hurricane / twister / cyclone
lit. tail wind / Bon voyage!
trendy / eye-catching / flashy
lit. powerful wind / awe-inspiring
a forced draft (of wind, for smelting metal) / blast (in blast furnace) / bellows / to draw air using bellows
cloak / cape
sea breeze / sea wind (i.e. from the sea)
gale / squall / whole gale (meteorology)
in the wind / facing the wind / downwind
to go with the tide / to blindly follow the crowd / to follow the trend
on the up / currently winning / rising (in popularity etc)
to ventilate / to induce a draft / spasm / convulsion
warm breeze
to collect local cultural material (recording folk songs, taking photos etc)
hair dryer
popular customs / folkways
to take shelter from the wind / to lie low / to stay out of trouble
to ride the wind / to use a fair wind / to take an opportunity
the tone of a school / campus atmosphere
breeze / light wind
strong breeze (meteorology)
telephone (loanword)
to relieve (cold, rheumatic pain etc) / lit. to dispel pathogenic wind (TCM)
Fufeng County in Baoji 寶雞|宝鸡, Shaanxi
writing style
Tuanfeng county in Huanggang 黃岡|黄冈, Hubei
to face into the wind / against the wind / fig. against the law
unhealthy tendency
to catch the wind / to go for a spin in the fresh air
leprosy / Hansen's disease
to catch cold
tetanus (lockjaw)
leeward / downwind / disadvantageous position / to concede or give way in an argument
meaning behind the words / what sb really means to say / one's intentions as revealed in one's words / tone of speech
to fan oneself / to fan (sb)
Black Whirlwind, nickname of 李逵, known for his fearsome behavior in combat and his dark complexion
infantile convulsion (illness affecting children esp. under the age of five, marked by muscular spasms)
to have a pleasant journey (idiom)
lit. wind from an empty cave (idiom) / fig. unfounded (story) / baseless (claim)
the past is vanished like the wind; gone beyond recall
solar wind
tradition or style from the past / old ways / surviving tradition / relic
behavior / conduct
chill wind / (fig.) evil wind
to take the lead / to gain the upper hand
to allow in fresh air / to allow a prisoner out for exercise / to give out information
cerebral stroke
lit. to use the eastern wind (idiom) / fig. to use sb's help
trade wind
Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan / cf Rectification campaign 整風運動|整风运动, army purge of 1942-44 and anti-rightist purge of 1957
to have become common practice (idiom) / to become a general trend
lit. both sleeves flowing in the breeze (idiom); having clean hands / uncorrupted / unsoiled by corrupt practices
to step down gracefully (humble expression) / to concede defeat / to play second fiddle
strong wind / gale
to let air pass through / to ventilate
lit. to invite the wind / fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism
saxophone (loanword)
too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom); extremely delicate / fragile state of health
upward trend (in prices)
lit. a tall tree attracts the wind (idiom) / fig. a famous or rich person attracts criticism
trouble / damage / setback / sth goes wrong
to hold a welcoming dinner or reception
north wind
headache (Chinese medicine)
unhealthy trend / noxious influence
evil wind

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