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to take care of / to show consideration / to attend to / to look after
to look back / to review
an overall plan taking into account all factors
  *顧* | 顧* | *顧
surname Gu
  *顧* | 顧* | *顧
to look after / to take into consideration / to attend to
to attend simultaneously to two or more things / to balance (career and family, family and education etc)
in spite of / regardless of
to visit (as a customer)
your patronage
solely preoccupied (with one thing) / engrossed / focusing (on sth) / to look after only one aspect
to care for / to show concern for / to think longingly (of one's country)
to disdain as beneath contempt (idiom)
to pay scant regard to (sth) / unheeding / reckless
to look around / to survey
client / customer
to look around
to watch over
to neglect / to misuse / to mistreat / to abuse
to glance back / fig. to regret / to have second thoughts about sth
to look over one's shoulder constantly (like a wolf) / to be fearful
to adequately take into account both public and private interests
to ask sb to carefully consider a request (idiom)
(of a person) left unattended / not cared for
to look forward and back cautiously
outrageous and unconventional (idiom); flying in the face of (authority, convention, public opinion etc)
honor does not allow one to glance back (idiom); duty-bound not to turn back / no surrender / to pursue justice with no second thoughts
regardless of life or death (idiom)

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