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stone / CL: 塊|块
steamed roll / steamed bun / steamed bread / CL: 個|个
bone / CL: , 塊|块 / moral character / bitterness / Taiwan pr. [gu2 tou5]
slow-witted / blockhead / log (of wood, timber etc) / CL: 塊|块,
camera lens / camera shot (in a movie etc) / scene
oral / verbal
fist / clenched fist / CL: 個|个 / competitive (product)
tongue / CL: 個|个 / enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extracting information
faucet / tap
(film and TV) blooper
to turn one's head / to turn round / to turn about
  *头* | 头* | *头
head / hair style / the top / end / beginning or end / a stub / remnant / chief / boss / side / aspect / first / leading / classifier for pigs or livestock / CL: 個|个
  *头* | 头* | *头
suffix for nouns
Baotou prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
turban / headband
monster; devil
to get out of a predicament / to stick out / to take the initiative / remaining odd fraction after a division / a little more than
shaven head / bald head / to go bareheaded / hatless
big head / mask in the shape of a big head / the larger end of sth / the main part / the lion's share / dupe / sucker / (old) silver coin with a bust of Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 on the obverse side
to nod
to wash one's hair / to have a shampoo
to turn round; to turn one's head / later; by and by
to raise one's head / to gain ground / account name, or space for writing the name on checks, bills etc
to shake one's head
Shantou (formerly romanized as Swatow), prefecture-level city in Guangdong
faucet / water tap / bicycle handle bar / chief (esp. of gang) / boss / decision maker / (market) leader (of companies) / front end of mud-flow / figurehead on prow of dragon boat 龍船|龙船
to bow the head / to yield / to give in
amusing speech or act / jokes / antics / funny / amusing / Taiwan pr. [xue1 tou2]
connector; joint; coupling / (coll.) to contact; to get in touch with / to have knowledge of; to be familiar with
end / extremity / limit
beginning / to start
ax / hatchet / CL:
tycoon / magnate / big player (including company, country, school etc) / big shot
labor contractor / gangmaster
old fellow / old man / father / husband
source / fountainhead
to turn one's head / to turn around
to take the lead; to be the first; to set an example
heart / thoughts / mind
to overdo it / to overstep the limit / excessively / above one's head / overhead
head / chief
arrowhead / arrow symbol
person / number of people / (per) capita / (a person's) head / (Tw) person whose identity is used by sb else (e.g. to create a bogus account)
bedhead / bedside / headboard
tin / can / CL: 個|个
to start / at first / beginning
the smaller part or share of sth
power / momentum / tendency / impetus / situation / the look of things
manner / style / panache
to lead (an animal by the head) / to take the lead / to coordinate (a combined operation) / to mediate / a go-between (e.g. marriage broker)
the return of a prodigal son (idiom)
(of alcohol) to go to one's head / (old) (of a bride-to-be) to bind one's hair into a bun / (of a prostitute) to receive a patron for the first time
above / on top of / on the surface of
to raise one's head
thought / idea / intention
to turn one's head / to change direction / U-turn / volte face / to repent
nutation (plants turning to face the sun)
start of the year / whole year / a particular year / period / days / epoch / a year's harvest
pretext / excuse / justification / reason
(male hair style) crew cut / butch cut
to extend one's head (out or into) / a probe / detector / search unit
on hand / at hand / one's financial situation
onion / Western round onion
many-headed / many-layered (authority) / devolved (as opposed to centralized) / pluralistic / (as classifier) number of animals / long term (finance) / long (investment)
bank account / CL: 個|个
both ends / both parties to a deal
Dontou county in Wenzhou 溫州|温州, Zhejiang
wind direction / the way the wind blows / fig. trend / direction of events / how things develop (esp. how they affect oneself) / public opinion (concerning one's actions) / publicity (usually derog.) / limelight
flattop / crew cut / common (people)
size / height
(coll.) (suffix) my ass! / yeah, right!
juncture / moment
to take the lead / to be first to start
opening titles (of movie) / leader (blank film at the beginning and end of a reel)
head of a turtle / glans penis
first letter of a word or serial number / first character of a Chinese word / first digit of a number / the top part (esp. a radical) of a Chinese character / the initial of a Chinese syllable
drill bit
inside / interior
masthead (of a newspaper etc) / nameplate
Qiaotou or Chiaotou township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
either end of a bridge / a bridgehead
pointed end / tip / (medicine) oxycephaly
hoary head / old age
mountain top
on one's shoulders / (dialect) shoulder
to immerse oneself in / engrossed in sth / to lower the head (e.g. to avoid rain) / countersunk (of screws, rivets etc)
first signs / development (of a situation)
to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground)
to bare one's head; to be bareheaded / to go bald / bald head / bald person
coming right into one's face / imminent / to put first
(coll.) pledge; surety
in front / at the head / ahead / above

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