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  *韵* | 韵* | *韵
the final (of a syllable) (Chinese phonology) / rhyme / appeal / charm / (literary) pleasant sound
implicit charm in rhyme or sound / hinted appeal / interest
charm or grace (in poetry or art)
charm / grace / elegant bearing (usually feminine)
rhyme group (group of characters that rhyme, in rhyme books)
the final of a Chinese syllable (the component of a syllable remaining after removal of the initial consonant, if any, and the tone, e.g. the final of "niáng" is "iang")
cadence / rhythm / rhyme scheme / meter (in verse) / (linguistics) prosody
homophone group (group of homophone characters, in a rhyme book)
to rhyme / sometimes written 壓韻|压韵
music / rhyme and rhythm / initial, , and final and tone, 韻|韵, of a Chinese character / phoneme
(of literature, art) distinct style / flavor / spirit / character
reply to a poem in the same rhyme
Guangyun, Chinese rime dictionary 韻書|韵书 from 11th century, containing 26,194 single-character entries
simple finals
(of an aging woman) still attractive
pleasant lingering effect / memorable stylishness / haunting tune / aftertaste (of a good wine etc)
rhyming word ending a line of verse / rhyme
poetic occasion / elegant situation / in literature, the cue for a poem
compound final
(of Chinese pronunciation) a vowel followed by a nasal consonant
to have quite a lasting charm
Jiyun, Chinese rime dictionary with 53,525 single-character entries, published in 11th century
rhyming verse
musical sound / flowing rhythm (of poetry) / cadence
(phonology) coda, the part of a syllable that follows its vocalic nucleus (e.g. "u" in kòu or "n" in běn)
poetic and passionate (idiom); romance / love affair
grace / natural charm
grace / natural charm
leading vowel of diphthong
Chinese phonetics (concerned also with rhyme in poetry)
Qieyun, the first Chinese rime dictionary from 601 AD, containing 11,500 single-character entries
see 反切
to rhyme / also written 協韻|协韵
abbr. for Yupian 玉篇 and Guangyun 廣韻|广韵
to rhyme
rhyme entry / subdivision of a rhyming dictionary (containing all words with the given rhyme)
words with the same phonetic ending / rhyme
rhymed language
rime dictionary (ancient type of Chinese dictionary that collates characters by tone and rhyme rather than by radical)
form of rhymed baihua 白话 in Beijing opera
to write a poem using another poem's rhymes
variant of 押韻|押韵
change of rhyme (within a poem)
pleasant aftertaste in the back of the throat (esp. when drinking tea)
retroflex final / nonsyllabic final r added to a word in spoken Chinese
rhyme and tone / intonation
main vowel in diphthong
to restrict to even tone (i.e. final rhyming syllable must be classical first or second tone 平聲|平声)
"Summary of the Collection of Rhymes Old and New", supplemented and annotated Yuan dynasty version of the no-longer-extant late Song or early Yuan "Collection of Rhymes Old and New" 古今韻會|古今韵会
a charming man enjoys charming pursuits (idiom)

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