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to shock / to astonish
to shake / to shock / to stun / shocking / stunning / shock
  *震* | 震* | *震
to shake / to vibrate / to jolt / to quake / excited / shocked / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing thunder /
to shake up / to jolt / to vibrate / to oscillate / to fluctuate
stun grenade / (Tw) (fig.) sth that produces shockwaves / bombshell (revelation) / blockbuster (product)
to be furious
to shake / to vibrate / to strongly affect / shock / vibration
shockproof / to guard against earthquakes
Chang Chen (1976-), Taiwanese film actor
ancient Indian name for China
to astonish / to horrify
seismic wave
anti-seismic measures / seismic defenses / earthquake resistant
Wang Zhen (1908-1993), Chinese political figure
earthquake damage
to awe / to intimidate
lit. car shaking / car sex
earthquake epicenter
seismic zone / earthquake belt
to vibrate / to shake / to shudder
to tremble / to quiver
a deliberate show of strength as a warning
earthquake area
earthquake epicenter
earthquake aftershock
(med.) cerebral concussion
degree of earthquake (on magnitude scale)
earthquake epicenter (Tw)
to shock the whole world
knocking (fault in internal combustion engine)
to inspire awe
Great Tangshan Earthquake (1976)
earthquake swarm
Great Sichuan Earthquake (2008)
Great Sichuan Earthquake (2008)
tremors (from an earthquake)
trembling sound / vibration
Sichuan great earthquake, the magnitude 8 earthquake of May 2008 at Wenchuan 汶川, Sichuan, that killed more than 80,000 people / same as 四川大地震
to shake heaven and earth (idiom)
shocking / stunning / sensational
seismic zone / earthquake belt
circumstances of an earthquake
love egg (sex toy)
shaking the old and illuminating the new (idiom); surpassing the ancients and dazzling contemporaries / glorious and world-shattering
epicenter (of earthquake) / hypocenter
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)
seismology / science of earthquakes
stun grenade
Ring of Fire (circum-Pacific seismic belt)
China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC), the information hub of the China Earthquake Administration 中國地震局|中国地震局
lit. cries of grief shake the heavens / great sorrow (idiom)
seismologist / earthquake scientist
force of seismic wave
seismic wave
earthquake intensity (measure of its destructive power)
powerful earthquake / abbr. for 強烈地震|强烈地震
seismic zone / earthquake belt
Tan Zhenlin (1902-1983), PRC revolutionary and military leader, played political role after the Cultural Revolution
Great Sichuan Earthquake (2008)
earthquake bureau
perception of tremor
shock absorption / damping
earthquake-resistant construction
(literary) to tremble with fear / to shock
cushioning shoes (Tw)
electric shock / electroshock
China Earthquake Administration (CEA) / State Seismological Bureau
to knock out (of a jolt from an earthquake or crash)
trembling / to shiver with fear
to deafen
to create a sensation
to terrify
Kantō earthquake of 1923, magnitude 8.2, that killed 200,000 people in the Tokyo area
cushioning shoe
shallow earthquake (with epicenter less than 70 km deep)
China Earthquake Administration (CEA) / State Seismological Bureau
State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters
Sinian (c. 800-542 million years ago), late phase of pre-Cambrian geological era
palsy / trembling paralysis / used for Parkinson's disease 帕金森病
ear-splitting (idiom); deafening
(bird species of China) reed parrotbill (Paradoxornis heudei)
medium depth earthquake (with epicenter 70-300 km deep)
earthquake swarm
tremorine (drug inducing shivering)
the great Shaanxi earthquake of 2nd February 1556 that killed 830,000 people
deep earthquake (with epicenter more than 300 km deep)
gas detection
Richter magnitude scale
to inspire awe throughout the empire (idiom)
focal mechanism of earthquake

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