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to rain
  *雨* | 雨* | *雨
  *雨* | 雨* | *雨
to rain / (of rain, snow etc) to fall / to precipitate / to wet
wind and rain / the elements / (fig.) trials and hardships
Yuhua district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
torrential rain / rainstorm / CL: 場|场, 陣|阵
heavy rain / CL: 場|场
Yushui or Rain Water, 2nd of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 19th February-5th March
rainstorm / storm / tempest
thunder shower
misty rain / drizzle
light rain / drizzle
precipitation / rainfall
tropical rain forest
umbrella / CL:
raincoat / CL:
Guyu or Grain Rain, 6th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 20th April-4th May
swift / Apodidae (the swift family)
Yuhuatai district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
Hugo (name) / Victor Hugo (1802-1885), French writer
fine rain / drizzle / poem by Tang poet Li Shangyin 李商隱|李商隐
rainy day / rainy weather
timely rain / (fig.) timely assistance
Yuhua district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
spring rain / gift from above
a downpour / rain bucketing down / fig. to be overwhelmed (with work or things to study)
autumn rain
lit. spring wind and rain (idiom); fig. the long-term influence of a solid education
sleet / mixture of snow and rain
lit. cloud and rain / fig. sexual intercourse
to go through thick and thin (idiom)
meteor shower
precipitation / quantity of rainfall
Yuhuatai district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
drizzle / fine rain
rainy season
violent wind and rainstorm / hurricane / tempest
lit. like raindrops on a pear blossom (idiom) / fig. tear-stained face of a beauty
rain and dew / (fig.) favor / grace
to get wet in the rain
Yuhu district of Xiangtan city 湘潭市, Hunan
to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom); fig. to shift one's ground / tricky and inconstant / to make love
lit. in the same boat under wind and rain (idiom); fig. to stick together in hard times
to brave the rain
lit. before it rains, bind around with silk (idiom, from Book of Songs 詩經|诗经); fig. to plan ahead / to prepare for a rainy day
Yucheng district of Ya'an city 雅安市, Sichuan
regardless of weather conditions / rain, hail or shine
when it rains, it pours (idiom)
howling wind and torrential rain (idiom) / (fig.) difficult, dangerous situation
to call the wind and summon the rain (idiom); to exercise magical powers / fig. to stir up troubles
acid rain
lit. after rain, the spring bamboo (idiom); fig. rapid new growth / many new things emerge in rapid succession
to protect from the rain
rain tarp
windshield wiper
lit. to comb one's hair in the wind and wash it in the rain (idiom) / fig. to work in the open regardless of the weather
Yucheng district of Ya'an city 雅安市, Sichuan
sky clears after rain / new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom) / every cloud has a silver lining (idiom) / see also 雨過天青|雨过天青
lit. to believe in the rain on hearing the wind (idiom) / to believe rumors / to be credulous
tears falling like rain (idiom)
lit. windswept and battered by rain / to undergo hardship (idiom)
to take shelter from the rain
tossed about by the wind and rain (idiom) / (of a situation) unstable
lit. wind and rain sweeping through the town (idiom) / fig. a big scandal / an uproar / the talk of the town
strong wind and heavy rain (idiom)
to get whatever one wants / to have everything going one's way
rain boots / rubber boots / CL: 雙|双
favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops
lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom) / fig. reign of terror / carnage
Asian rainy season / monsoon
lit. storm clouds approach / troubles lie ahead (idiom)
welcome fall of rain / seasonable rain
to give shelter from the wind and rain / to keep out the elements
loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain (idiom); a lot of talk, but no action / action speaks louder than words / his bite is worse than his bark
scorched and drenched by sun and rain (idiom); suffer from exposure to the elements / weather-beaten
drizzle / fine rain
curtain of rain / downpour
hail of bullets
torrents of rain (idiom)
rain of blood / heavy rain colored by loess sandstorm
drizzle / light rain / (fig.) mere trifle
lit. bleak wind and icy rain (idiom) / fig. hardships / miserable circumstances
to drip with sweat / sweat poured off (him)
windshield wiper
all weather / rain or shine / barometer
a sudden shower towards the end of summer brings an abrupt arrival of autumn (idiom)
Yushan district of Ma'anshan city 馬鞍山市|马鞍山市, Anhui
monsoon forest
rain on Mt Ba (idiom); lonely in a strange land / Evening Rain, 1980 movie about the Cultural Revolution
lit. much thunder but little rain; fig. a lot of talk but little action / his bark is worse than his bite

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