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  *离* | 离* | *离
to leave / to part from / to be away from / (in giving distances) from / without (sth) / independent of / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing fire /
distance / CL: 個|个 / to be apart from
to separate / to isolate
to separate oneself from / to break away from / diastasis (medicine) / abscission / abjunction (botany)
  *离* | 离* | *离
surname Li
to be far from / to keep away from
to run out / to escape
to withdraw from / to evacuate
to peel / to strip / to peel off / to come off (of tissue, skin, covering etc)
to deviate / to diverge / to wander
to disassociate / to drift away / to leave (a collective) / free (component)
blurred / hard to make out distinctly
to take leave of / to leave / separation
ion / ionized (e.g. gas)
to depart from / to deviate from / deviation
inseparable (as form and shadow)
to become alienated / estranged / alienation / disaffection / set wide apart
monstrous and multicolored / grotesque and variegated
homeless and miserable / forced to leave home and wander from place to place / to live as a refugee
lit. people rebelling and friends deserting (idiom) / fig. to find oneself utterly isolated
homeless and miserable (idiom); to wander about in a desperate plight / to drift
lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) / fig. to keep one's distance / (of a relationship) lukewarm / vague
to follow sb closely (idiom) / to keep close to
fragmented / disorganized / incoherent
the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom); seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement
to desert / to leave / to forsake
to betray / to desert / to defect from / to turn renegade
not much different / similar / ordinary / nearly
isotopic separation
to move away / to change residence
to be neither too familiar nor too distant / to keep sb at arm's length
to separate
impossible to unravel / confusing
to remove / to step back from involvement / to disengage
to steer (the plane) away from / to drive away (from a place) / to leave
to get divorced shortly after marriage / to resign shortly after getting employed
to drive away / to dispel
(neologism c. 2012) decluttering; minimalism (orthographic borrowing from Japanese 断捨離 "danshari", lit. "forgoing, discarding and letting go")
pretty close / just about right / not bad / same as 差不多
carbon sequestration / carbon dioxide sequestration
offset distance
transmission distance
rigorous isolation
to bring (people) closer together
short distance / a stone's throw away
carbon sequestration
racial segregation / apartheid
dissociation / to break up a chemical compound into its elements
the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom); seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement
asset stripping
close range
separating medical consultation from dispensing drugs, proposed policy to counteract perceived PRC problem of "drugs serving to nourish doctors" 以藥養醫|以药养医
long distance
loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate
zero distance / face-to-face

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