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  *离* | 离* | *离
to leave / to part from / to be away from / (in giving distances) from / without (sth) / independent of / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing fire /
to depart; to leave
distance / CL: 個|个 / to be apart from
to separate / to isolate
to separate oneself from / to break away from / diastasis (medicine) / abscission / abjunction (botany)
offline (computing)
to leave / to exit
to peel / to strip / to peel off / to come off (of tissue, skin, covering etc)
odd; bizarre
blurred / hard to make out distinctly
to leave one's job temporarily (e.g. for study) / to leave one's job; to resign
inseparable / inevitably linked to
to be far from / to keep away from
Lishi district of Lüliang city 呂梁市|吕梁市, Shanxi 山西
to be at odds with / centrifugal (force)
monstrous and multicolored / grotesque and variegated
to leave (on a long journey) / to part from sb
to deviate / to diverge / to wander
(archaic) to live in seclusion / to pass away
to disassociate / to drift away / to leave (a collective) / free (component)
to collapse and fall apart (idiom); to break up / falling to pieces
to abscond / to be absent without leave
social upheaval caused by war or famine etc
  *离* | 离* | *离
surname Li
clutch (in car gearbox) / separation and reunion
inappropriate; improper; out of place
to retire / to leave work and rest (euphemism for compulsory retirement of old cadres)
ion / ionized (e.g. gas)
joys and sorrows / partings and reunions / the vicissitudes of life
to become alienated / estranged / alienation / disaffection / set wide apart
a family wrenched apart (idiom)
to divorce
scattered and smashed (idiom)
outlying islands
fragmented / disorganized / incoherent
to leave office / to leave one's post
parting sorrow / pain of separation
to divorce
to run out / to escape
to take leave of / to leave / separation
to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will (idiom)
to digress / to stray from the subject
lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) / fig. to keep one's distance / (of a relationship) lukewarm / vague
to desert / to leave / to forsake
not much different / similar / ordinary / nearly
to follow sb closely (idiom) / to keep close to
On Encountering Sorrow, poem by Qu Yuan 屈原 in Songs of Chu 楚辭|楚辞
the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom); seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement
homeless and miserable / forced to leave home and wander from place to place / to live as a refugee
detached palace / imperial villa
lit. people rebelling and friends deserting (idiom) / fig. to find oneself utterly isolated
inseparable (as form and shadow)
to withdraw from / to evacuate
to drive a wedge between (allies, partners etc)
separated in life and death / to part for ever
to sow dissension (idiom); to drive a wedge between
to leave a country (or place)
impossible to unravel / confusing
to betray / to desert / to defect from / to turn renegade
homeless and miserable (idiom); to wander about in a desperate plight / to drift
to leave one's homeplace (to find work, flee disaster etc)
to abandon
to rebel against orthodoxy / to depart from established practices
to depart from / to deviate from / deviation
to leave one's post
(literary) desolate and lonely
to be neither too familiar nor too distant / to keep sb at arm's length
to separate
to move away / to change residence
destitute and homeless (idiom); forced from one's home and wandering about / displaced
(sad) farewell song
destitute and homeless (idiom); displaced and without means
not bad / pretty good / pretty close
to steer (the plane) away from / to drive away (from a place) / to leave
to get divorced shortly after marriage / to resign shortly after getting employed
to be weaned / weaning
(Tw) off-peak
to be divorced
to drive away / to dispel
(of family members) separated from one another; scattered about; dispersed / (math.) discrete
to defect / to be disloyal
plasma (physics)
(neologism c. 2012) decluttering; minimalism (orthographic borrowing from Japanese 断捨離 "danshari", lit. "forgoing, discarding and letting go")
discrete mathematics
(Buddhism) the pain of parting with what (or whom) one loves, one of the eight distresses 八苦
positive ion / cation (physics)
pre-makeup cream / makeup base / foundation primer
clutch pedal
ionization radiation / nuclear radiation
to talk shop all the time (idiom)
pretty close / just about right / not bad / same as 差不多
erhua variant of 不大離|不大离
to stand by (sb) (idiom) / steadfast loyalty
carbon sequestration / carbon dioxide sequestration
offset distance

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