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to concentrate / to centralize / to focus / centralized / concentrated / to put together
collective (decision) / joint (effort) / a group / a team / en masse / as a group
to gather / to assemble / set (math.)
to gather / to collect / to harvest
group / bloc / corporation / conglomerate
collection of pictures / atlas / CL: ,
to gather / to collect
  *集* | 集* | *集
to gather / to collect / collected works / classifier for sections of a TV series etc: episode
best of the best / collection of the best (of sth)
to collect / to recruit
integrated (as in integrated circuit)
to assemble / to gather
to raise / to collect
omnibus / complete works (of a writer or artist)
clan / to clan together / to flock together
to gather / to collect
to assemble / to concentrate / to mass / to build up / to marshal
to collect / to compile / to converge / also written 彙集|汇集
to collect / to compile / to converge
business conglomerate
to gather (in a crowd) / to converge / to swarm
integrated circuit / IC
market / bazaar / fair
to go to market / to go to a fair
to collect money / to raise funds
container (for shipping)
collected works
to train together / to practice as a group
to raise money / to accumulate funds
sequel / next episode (of TV series etc)
poetry anthology
(official accolade) advanced team / exemplary group
Jimei district of Xiamen city 廈門市|厦门市 (Amoy), Fujian
concentrated / crowded together / intensive / compressed
to assemble / to gather
fair / market (in a public place) / small town
collective economy
Jimei district of Xiamen city 廈門市|厦门市 (Amoy), Fujian
concentration camp
intersection (symbol ∩) (set theory)
faction / clique
Lenovo Group (PRC computer firm)
open set (math.)
collecting opinions is of wide benefit (idiom); to pool wisdom for mutual benefit / to profit from widespread suggestions
to come together / to assemble
anthology / selected writing
Xinji county level city in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
army grouping / collective army
a miscellany / a potpourri
Jining district or Zhining raion of Ulaanchab city 烏蘭察布市|乌兰察布市, Inner Mongolia
character set
photo album / CL: / (TV) series
industrial cluster
Huaiji county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆, Guangdong
general collection / anthology
to gather / assembly / meeting / CL: 個|个,
centralized power (history), e.g. under an Emperor or party
union (symbol ∪) (set theory)
stamp collecting / philately
complement of a set
to collect for distribution
crime syndicate
(math.) point set
Xinji county level city in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
Jixian county in Shuangyashan 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang
to convene / to gather
Foxconn Technology Group
hub (network)
Samsung Group
Huaiji county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆, Guangdong
collection / compilation
container ship
empty set (set theory)
leadership group / collective of leaders
Ji'an county level city in Tonghua 通化, Jilin
uncountable set (math.)
market / trade
Panji district of Huainan city 淮南市, Anhui
cooperative transport / concentrated freight
photobook (loanword from Japanese), generally sexy portraits of an actress or model
China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC)
collective / joint household
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
China National Petroleum Corporation
democratic centralism
to summon / to muster / to assemble
centralized state power
Selected Works of Mao Zedong
set theory (math.)
Ji'an county level city in Tonghua 通化, Jilin
set of real numbers
Jiyun, Chinese rime dictionary with 53,525 single-character entries, published in 11th century
aggregate / ensemble / bundle
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