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along with / in the wake of / following
as one wishes / as one pleases / at random / negligent / casual / wanton
at any time / at all times / at the right time
to (carry) on one's person / to (take) with one
conveniently / without extra trouble / while doing it / in passing
immediately / presently / following which
to follow
to accompany / to follow / to occur together with / concomitant
as one wishes / according to one's wishes / at will / voluntary / conscious
according to the situation / pragmatic / random
  *随* | 随* | *随
surname Sui
  *随* | 随* | *随
to follow / to comply with / varying according to... / to allow / subsequently
soon after
Suizhou, prefecture-level city in Hubei
everywhere / anywhere
thereupon / subsequently / accordingly
wind-borne / tossed about by the wind
to accompany
random number
to follow one's heart's desires / to do as one pleases (idiom)
to tag along (with sb) / (in combination with 與|与 or ) to accompany (sb) / (fig.) (of one situation) to go hand in hand (with another)
can be seen everywhere
according to the location / everywhere / any place / from any location / from wherever you like
amiable / easygoing
to accompany / (of a doctor etc) to do a follow-up (on a patient, client etc)
to drift with the waves and go with the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blindly
to follow / to accompany
random thoughts / (in book titles etc) impressions / jottings
randomness / stochasticity
to be available at any time / to be on call
at home wherever one is (idiom); ready to adapt / flexible / to accept circumstances with good will
to tail behind / to tag along / to follow on the heels of
as the shadow follows the body (idiom) / closely associated with each other / to follow relentlessly
to change according to the situation (idiom); pragmatic
to accompany / to follow / to attend / entourage / attendant
on call / always available / ready at all times
random thoughts / impressions
to follow the crowd / going with the tide
fig. the man sings and the woman follows / fig. marital harmony
(Buddhism) to be moved at the sight of good deeds / to join in charitable deeds / to tour temples
to fulfill one's desire / to find sth satisfactory
stochastic effect
When you enter a village, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
to carry along / portable
unconscious / involuntary
(theater) personal prop (spectacles, fan etc)
customs change with time (idiom); other times, other manners / O Tempora, O Mores!
not following the crowd / to go against the tide
to follow / to go along with
to parrot other people's words (idiom); to chime in with others
according to custom / to do as local custom requires / do as the Romans do
If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken (idiom); A woman should follow whatever her husband orders. / We must learn to accept the people around us.
if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog (idiom)
involuntary muscle
from that / following from that / after that
lit. Xiao's 蕭何|萧何 governance followed by Cao 曹參|曹参 (idiom) / fig. to strictly adhere to the policies of the predecessor / to follow precedent
caper (Capparis spinosa)
to bend with the wind
When you enter a country, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
(of a price) to fluctuate according to the market / to sell at the market price
casual / laid-back / doing as one pleases
feelings change with circumstances (idiom)
to drift with the waves
lit. body and shadow follow each other (idiom) / fig. inseparable
attached with the letter
Sui county in Suizhou 隨州|随州, Hubei
anytime and anywhere
(speak) without thinking the matter through
to accompany
follower / adherent / following
to allow (sb to have his head) / to let things happen
contingent effects
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease
to act unappreciatively in response to a kindness
to follow closely behind sb or sth (idiom)
to obey / to allow
(proverb) to follow local customs / When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
enclosed with (this) letter
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head
quiz (student assessment)
to follow the crowd / going with the tide
Suizhou, prefecture-level city in Hubei
(music) capriccio
plug and play (computing)
random access (memory)
random access memory (RAM)
random access memory (RAM)
random period of time / random interval
(math.) random variable
to drift with the waves and yield to the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blindly
burial goods / burial gifts
entourage / retinue
USB flash drive (Tw) / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
Walkman (trademark) / portable stereo
lit. a willow that bends with the wind / one with no fixed principles (idiom)
to trim one's sails with the wind / to adopt different attitude depending on the circumstances (idiom)

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