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to delete / to cancel
  *除* | 除* | *除
to get rid of / to remove / to exclude / to eliminate / to wipe out / to divide / except / not including
to clear away / to eliminate / to get rid of
to remove / to sack / to get rid of / to relieve (sb of their duties) / to free / to lift (an embargo) / to rescind (an agreement)
to eliminate / to remove
to remove
to remove / to dislodge
to deduct
to eliminate / to remove / to exclude / to rule out
to tear down / to demolish / to dismantle / to remove
to expel (a member of an organization) / to fire (an employee)
to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic) / exact division
to multiply and divide
to abolish / to abrogate / to repeal
to reject / to discard / to get rid of
to sweep / to clean with a brush / to sweep away (often fig.)
to prevent / to avoid / to excuse / to exempt / to relieve / (of a debt) to remit
to excise / to cut out (a tumor)
to eliminate / to do away with / to get rid of
four rules of arithmetic / addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
fault resolution / trouble clearing
to root out / to eradicate / to sweep away / to abolish
to dispel / to clear
to remove / to dismantle
to pull out / to remove
to quit / to give up (a bad habit)
to drive off / to dispel / to expel
to reduce / to lessen (pain etc) / to deduct (from taxes)
to filter out
to get rid of
to excise / to remove an organ
to eliminate / to kill off
to eradicate / to exterminate
to eliminate / to expel / to abolish
lit. the disease is cured the moment the medicine is taken (idiom) / fig. (of a medical treatment) to give instant results / (of a solution or method) highly effective
to get rid of / to dismiss
to screen or filter out / to winnow (agriculture)
to amputate / to excise (cut out)
to eradicate
to remove / to eliminate / to delete
to dispel (doubts)
to wipe out / to exterminate
to wash away / to eliminate / to do away with
to get rid of / to weed out / to reject
front court / courtyard
to discard / to get rid of / to dispense with
to destroy
to reprieve / to avoid / to redeem
to get rid of / to dismiss / to brush aside
(literary) to clean up
ethnic cleansing
to wipe off
long division / calculation on the abacus
to reject / to abandon
affix stripping / to determine the root of a word by removing prefix and suffix

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