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  *陈* | 陈* | *陈
surname Chen / Chen (c. 1045 - 479 BC), a Zhou dynasty state / Chen (557-589), one of the Southern Dynasties 南朝
  *陈* | 陈* | *陈
to lay out / to exhibit / to display / to narrate / to state / to explain / to tell / old / stale
to arrange / to spread out / to narrate in detail / to describe at great length / to elaborate
to say straight out / to point out bluntly / to give a straightforward account / to disclose
Chen of the Southern dynasties (557-589)
with complex feelings (idiom)
to be nothing to write home about (idiom)
food grains (rice, wheat, barley, beans, soybeans, sesame)
to lie in disarray / to cut across / to traverse
to reveal / to confess
to lay out (an argument) item by item / memorandum to a superior
to give an orderly account / a thorough narrative

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