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  *阵* | 阵* | *阵
disposition of troops / wave / spate / burst / spell / short period of time / classifier for events or states of short duration
array / matrix (math.)
troop arrangement / battle formation / lineup (of a sports team etc)
position / front
to move one's base (of operations) / to reposition / to relocate
poised for battle / to square up for a fight
a burst / a fit / a peal / a spell (period of time)
group of people / camp / faction / sides in a dispute
to go into battle
(computing) array (data structure) / (hardware) array (photovoltaic cells, radio telescopes etc)
square-shaped formation (military) / phalanx / (math.) matrix
to cheer / to root for
labor pains
a while / a spell / a short time / a burst
thunder shower
lattice / dot matrix / bitmap
to die in battle
formation (of a sports team, troops etc)
cast (of a movie etc) / lineup of performers / troupe
period of time
a front (militant group) / line of battle / alignment (towards a political party etc)
eight-trigram battle array / (fig.) mystifying tactics
to charge and break through enemy lines
battle array / disposition of forces / situation / circumstance
just before the battle / to approach the front line
giant stone arrangement / Stonehenge
single-line formation (army) / fig. long line
recently / currently
at that time / then
people killed in battle
at that time / then
touchdown / try (sports)
stratagem to trap sb / to bewitch and trap
to bring up the rear / to provide support / to hold the lines
the enemy ranks
now / at present / at this juncture
to be defeated on the battlefield / to be beaten in a contest
(idiom) to lose one's head / to panic / to go to pieces
battle formation
bitmap font (computer)
popular front
lit. to go into battle bare-breasted (idiom) / fig. to go all out / to come out in the open
to go into battle / to strike at the enemy
to challenge an opponent to a fight
a diversion / a feint attack to mislead the enemy
chat / gossip / spin a yarn
to shrink back as the time for battle approaches (idiom) / to get cold feet
dot matrix printer
(archaic) formation of infantrymen led by chariots
now / at present / at this juncture
dot matrix printer
brothel (esp. in Yuan theater)
Sandinista National Liberation Front
ball grid array (BGA), type of microchip package
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
adjoint matrix (math.)
Memorial Day (American holiday)
serial dot matrix printer
very brief period of time
semiconductor superlattice

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