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  *阴* | 阴* | *阴
overcast (weather) / cloudy / shady / Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang) / negative (electric.) / feminine / moon / implicit / hidden / genitalia
  *阴* | 阴* | *阴
variant of 陰|阴
  *阴* | 阴* | *阴
surname Yin
Jiangyin county level city in Wuxi 無錫|无锡, Jiangsu
the genitals
time available
Huaiyin district of Huai'an city 淮安市, Jiangsu
Tangyin county in Anyang 安陽|安阳, Henan
the Moon (esp. in Daoism)
Pingyin county in Jinan 濟南|济南, Shandong
Mengyin county in Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong
vulva / pudenda
Shanyin county in Shuozhou 朔州, Shanxi
to make the vagina tighter
Huayin county level city in Weinan 渭南, Shaanxi
Xiangyin county in Yueyang 岳陽|岳阳, Hunan
tree shade / shady
Hanyin County in Ankang 安康, Shaanxi
to waste time on worthless activities
shade (of a tree)
in the shade / shady
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom) / fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.
An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time (idiom); Money can't buy you time. / Time is precious.
(Tw) to be possessed / to be bewitched
a very brief period of time (lit. the time it takes for a shadow to move an inch)
a ritual whereby the living soul is brought to the nether world for a spiritual journey
lit. idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you / (fig.) unintentional actions may bring unexpected success / also written 無心插柳柳成蔭|无心插柳柳成荫
to cherish every moment / to make good use of one's time
lit. you plant a garden and the flowers do not bloom, you poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree / fig. things do not always turn out as one would expect / well-laid plans may fail, and success may come where you least expect it

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