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ranks / troops / queue / line / procession / CL: 個|个, , 條|条
  *队* | 队* | *队
squadron / team / group / CL: 個|个
to line up
team member
army / armed forces / troops / force / unit / CL: 個|个
army / troops / CL: , 個|个
group / a large body of / production brigade / military group
member of same class, team, work group etc / teammate
sports team (basketball, soccer, football etc)
fleet / CL:
captain / team leader / CL: 個|个
band / pop group / CL:
detachment (of troops)
host team (at sports event) / host side
motorcade / fleet / CL:
the national team
column / file / CL: ,
military platoon or squad
formation (of troops) / alignment / (computing) queue / cohort (in a study)
visiting team (sports)
soccer team
(military) special forces
echelon (military) / (of an organisation) group of persons of one level or grade
group mentality / collectivism / solidarity / team spirit
guerrilla band
People's Armed Police
to lead a group / leader of a group / captain (of sports squad)
commando unit
cheerleading squad
to form into columns / to organize into teams / formation (of ships or aircraft)
guard (i.e. group of soldiers)
suicide squad / kamikaze unit
marine corps / marines
Young Pioneers of China, abbr. for 少年先鋒隊|少年先锋队
(army, police) patrol
message queue (computing)
to cut in line / to jump a queue / to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution)
to leave one's post
fire brigade / fire department
wing (of an air force) / sports team representing a combination of entities (e.g. United Korea)
team uniform
self-defense force / the Japanese armed forces
a working group / a task force
a powerful team (sports)
cheerleading squad / also written 啦啦隊|啦啦队
in formation (military)
rescue team
company (of troops)
honor guard / guard of honor / the banner bearing contingent leading a military procession
fleet (of ships)
to fall behind / to drop out
nationalist forces
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
combined fleet
gymnastics team
making up a group, forming a troupe (idiom); in large numbers / as a large crowd
to return to one's unit / to go back to one's station in life
Chinese People's Armed Police Force (CAPF)
South Sea Fleet
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League) / abbr. to 少先隊|少先队
line (i.e. of people waiting) / queue
East Sea Fleet
team pennant
North Sea Fleet
scientific exploration team / expedition
investigation team / scientific expedition
armed forces
security forces
home team (sports)
production team
brass band
SS or Schutzstaffel, paramilitary organization in Nazi Germany
cavalry / caravan of horses carrying goods
ground troops
the Kempeitai or Japanese Military Police 1881-1945 (Japanese counterpart of the Gestapo during WWII)
to dress (troops) / to line up (to arrange in a straight line)
back of the line / last one in line
advance party / advance troops
special detachment / commando / an armed secret agent squad
Red Guards
to troop (of soldiers etc) / convoy
fifth column (subversive group)
to form a long line (i.e. of people waiting)
row / horizontal troop formation
Manchester City football team
symphony orchestra
office / headquarters
fishing fleet
National Guard (United States)

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