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ranks / troops / queue / line / procession / CL: 個|个, , 條|条
  *队* | 队* | *队
squadron / team / group / CL: 個|个
army / armed forces / troops / force / unit / CL: 個|个
sports team (basketball, soccer, football etc)
host team (at sports event) / host side
army / troops / CL: , 個|个
visiting team (sports)
to line up
member of same class, team, work group etc / teammate
band / pop group / CL:
to team up (with) / to put a team together
formation (of troops) / alignment / (computing) queue / cohort (in a study)
fleet / CL:
commando unit
captain / team leader / CL: 個|个
motorcade / fleet / CL:
the national team
team member
detachment (of troops)
military platoon or squad
group / a large body of / production brigade / military group
echelon (military) / (of an organisation) group of persons of one level or grade
to form into columns / to organize into teams / formation (of ships or aircraft)
column / file / CL: ,
suicide squad / kamikaze unit
message queue (computing)
guerrilla band
to leave one's post
soccer team
a powerful team (sports)
(military) special forces
to lead a group / leader of a group / captain (of sports squad)
Young Pioneers of China, abbr. for 少年先鋒隊|少年先锋队
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League) / abbr. to 少先隊|少先队
wing (of an air force) / sports team representing a combination of entities (e.g. United Korea)
self-defense force / the Japanese armed forces
group mentality / collectivism / solidarity / team spirit
team uniform
rescue team
honor guard / guard of honor / the banner bearing contingent leading a military procession
cheerleading squad / also written 啦啦隊|啦啦队
People's Armed Police
cheerleading squad
armed forces
fire brigade / fire department
marine corps / marines
(army, police) patrol
nationalist forces
in formation (military)
guard (i.e. group of soldiers)
to form a long line (i.e. of people waiting)
company (of troops)
to cut in line / to jump a queue / to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution)
a working group / a task force
fishing fleet
to return to one's unit / to go back to one's station in life
to fall behind / to drop out
fleet (of ships)
East Sea Fleet
production team
Chinese People's Armed Police Force (CAPF)
ground troops
gymnastics team
to purge the ranks
security forces
North Sea Fleet
Manchester City football team
South Sea Fleet
scientific exploration team / expedition
rescue team / CL:
air self-defense force
special detachment / commando / an armed secret agent squad
substitute player / reserve player
combined fleet
team pennant
making up a group, forming a troupe (idiom); in large numbers / as a large crowd
line (i.e. of people waiting) / queue
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
office / headquarters
home team (sports)
New York Yankees (US baseball team)
to dress (troops) / to line up (to arrange in a straight line)
advance party / advance troops
symphony orchestra
back of the line / last one in line
SS or Schutzstaffel, paramilitary organization in Nazi Germany
investigation team / scientific expedition
censorship brigade (PRC)
brass band

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