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  *阑* | 阑* | *阑
railing / balustrade / door-screen / exhausted / late
coming to an end / waning
appendix / vermiform appendix (anatomy)
appendicitis (medicine)
late at night / in the dead of night
acute appendicitis (medicine)
(literary) crisscross / uneven / disorderly / rim of the eye / variant of 欄杆|栏杆
appendectomy (medicine)
continuous blowing of the wind
late at night
the still of the night (idiom) / late at night
the halo of the moon
deep night
late season of a year
carved railings
to leave impulsively / to send out (merchandise) without authorization
to trespass / to mix / to mingle
railing / fence / banisters
variant of 勾欄|勾栏
lintel / architrave
unclaimed articles
tired and exhausted

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