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maiden; unmarried woman / (coll.) daughter
  *闺* | 闺* | *闺
small arched door / boudoir / lady's chamber / by ext. women
well-bred young lady
lady's chamber / boudoir / harem
girl from a wealthy family / unmarried daughter of a noble house
lady's private room or bedroom / boudoir
lady's chamber
a woman's rooms
(coll.) (a woman's) close female friend / bestie / (originally written 閨密|闺密, an abbr. for 閨中密友|闺中密友)
lady's demeanor / norms expected of women (in former times)
women's love / passion (felt by lady)
a lady's room (honorific)
a lady's chamber / boudoir
women's quarters
a widow's chamber (old usage)
wicker door, hole window (idiom); fig. wretched hovel / living in poverty
young unmarried lady role in Chinese opera
maiden / virgin

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