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  *闹* | 闹* | *闹
variant of 鬧|闹
  *闹* | 闹* | *闹
noisy / cacophonous / to make noise / to disturb / to vent (feelings) / to fall ill / to have an attack (of sickness) / to go in (for some activity) / to joke
bustling with noise and excitement / lively
to cause havoc / to run amok
noisy / raucous / to shout and scream
to make a noise / noisy
to join in the fun / to get in on the action / (fig.) to butt in / to create more trouble
to enjoy watching a bustling scene / to go where the crowds are
to act willfully and make a scene / to make trouble
to make trouble without reason (idiom); to be deliberately provocative
(neologism c. 2013) organized disruption of healthcare facilities or verbal and physical abuse of medical staff, by an aggrieved patient or proxies such as family members or hired thugs, typically aimed at obtaining compensation
to shout and scream (idiom); to kick up a fuss / to make a scene
to make a lot of noise / to be disorderly
to make a scene / to fool around / to behave foolishly
to make trouble / to make fun of
while the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show
noisy / a racket

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