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time / period / CL:
between / intermediate / mid / middle
toilet / lavatory / washroom
bathroom / toilet / WC / CL: 間|间
space / room / (fig.) scope / leeway / (astronomy) outer space / (physics, math.) space
period of time / time / time period / period / CL: 個|个
among the people / popular / folk / non-governmental / involving people rather than governments
in an instant / in a flash
the human world / the earth
  *间* | 间* | *间
between / among / within a definite time or space / room / section of a room or lateral space between two pairs of pillars / classifier for rooms
  *间* | 间* | *间
gap / to separate / to thin out (seedlings) / to sow discontent
between / among / inter-
workshop / CL: 個|个
nighttime / evening or night (e.g. classes)
world / earth
in the years of / during those years / period (of dynasty or decade)
evening / night
split second
positioned between (two parties) / to mediate between
in between / within that interval / in the meantime
to snatch time / to rush / to hurry (up) / to seize the moment
field / farm / farming area / village
response time
(lit. and fig.) overnight
to alternate / to follow one another
without paying attention / without noticing / unconsciously / inadvertently
interval between lessons
here / this place
between the words and the lines (idiom); implied meaning / connotations
standard (hotel) room / two-person room of standard size and amenities / abbr. to 標間|标间
in an instant
compartment / booth / cubicle / partitioned-off area
the nether world / Hades / (neologism) (slang) disturbing / unsettling / awful / detestable
in the country / rural / pastoral
alcove / bay in a room / unit of length used for rooms, approx. 3.3 meters
street stalls / bookshops / in the streets
(of the) morning
to (try to) find the time to
close relation, no gap (idiom); intimate and nothing can come between
the world of the living
the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows / glabella
to drive a wedge between (allies, partners etc)
private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc) / parlor / booth / compartment
vestibule / small inner room (opening to others) / suite / apartment
vacant room
to act with urgency / to buy time
in a flash (idiom)
to take a hotel room / to rent a room / (of two people who are not married to each other) to rent a room for sex
bilateral / between two countries
closed interval (in calculus)
USA Eastern Standard Time
bathroom / restroom / shower room / CL: 間|间
private room (in a restaurant, bath house, etc)
between joints
(math.) higher dimensional space
mortuary / morgue
living room
to feed the enemy misinformation through their own spies / to sow discord in the enemy camp
between rows
open interval (in calculus)
a snap of the fingers (idiom); in an instant / in a short moment / in a flash / in the twinkling of an eye
kitchen (dialect) / CL: 間|间
symmetric space (math.)
almost on a par
pendente lite / during litigation
differing only slightly / not much between them
in a flash
test room
delimited area / defined section of a train or bus route / numerical range / (math.) interval
to sow dissension (idiom); to drive a wedge between
configuration space (math.)
settling time (control theory)
abbr. for 標準間|标准间, standard (hotel) room
examination room (in a doctor's office)
just now / the present time
outer room / the external world / outside
the secular world
time of business / opening hours (of shop) / working time
single room (hotel)
Greenwich Mean Time / GMT
to kill time
in the wink of an eye / in a flash
for a moment / momentarily
a hair's breadth apart / a fine line / a fine distinction
in a flash
three-dimensional space / 3D
rush hour
upside / potential to rise
time of going to work / the morning rush hour
the secular world
term of office / while holding a post
affine subspace (math.)
affine space (math.)
daily schedule / daily routine
confidence interval (statistics)

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