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leisure / relaxation / not working / idle / to enjoy leisure / to lie fallow
idle / free time / leisure / unused (place)
  *闲* | 闲* | *闲
enclosure / (variant of 閒|闲) idle / unoccupied / leisure
  *闲* | 闲* | *闲
idle / unoccupied / leisure
variant of 悠閒|悠闲 / leisurely
leisurely / carefree / relaxed
idle / leisurely
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work / also written 偷閒|偷闲
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work
ordinary / common / unimportant / idly / for no reason
to idle about
to have money and time / to be part of the leisure class / the idle rich
to spend one's leisure time / to idle away the time
calm and composed (idiom)
to guard
at one's ease / carefree
peaceful and carefree / leisurely
to stay idle at home / to have resigned from office / to be unemployed / to have been fired / to be on a sabbatical
slack winter season (farming)
to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc
to avoid external disturbance in order to idle
with one's heart at ease and one's spirit at rest (idiom)

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