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to visit / to call on / to interview / CL:
  *问* | 问* | *问
to ask
adviser / consultant
question / interrogation / doubt
to question / to quiz / to grill
Excuse me, may I ask...?
to question closely / to investigate in detail / to examine minutely / to get to the heart of the matter
to inquire
to express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc
learning / knowledge / CL: 個|个
to pay no attention to / to disregard / to ignore / to let go unpunished / to let off
to question / to ask questions / to inquire / to bring to account / to interrogate
to question / to ask / to raise a question
certainty / without a doubt
I would like to ask (usually used rhetorically) / one might well ask
to question via torture
to ask (a question) in reply / to answer a question with a question / rhetorical question
iAsk.com, the search engine of Sina 新浪
(idiom) to sidestep the question / to answer evasively
to ask oneself / to search one's soul / to reach a conclusion after weighing a matter
Yip Man (1893-1972), martial arts practitioner, master of Bruce Lee
to interrogate / to cross-examine / to inquire
to answer a question / question and answer
erudite / learned / informed / scholarly
to interrogate / to examine / to question
to show an interest in / to get involved with
to interrogate / to ask about
state visit
to study / to engage in scholarship
not to hear, not to question (idiom) / to show no interest in sth / uncritical / not in the least concerned
to question intensely / to interrogate / to demand information
not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates
(honorific) May I ask?
to ask oneself honestly / to search in one's heart
to make an official visit (often abroad)
to inquire about
Yuan Haowen (1190-1257), famous poet Northern China during the Jin-Yuan transition
to ask a question, already knowing the answer
general counsel
to go personally to consult subordinates (of a high official)
to inquire
to ask questions / to interrogate
to inquire into / to ask after
to pass by without showing interest (idiom)
to predict by divining / to look into the future
essay on policy in question and answer form used in imperial exams
to sound sb out / to find out by tactful indirect questioning
to mutually send greetings / to communicate / to exchange news
to inquire about / to give sb the third degree
under interrogation (for a crime) / on trial
may I ask
introspection / to ask oneself
to call sb to account / to question angrily
to interrogate
international exchange of visits / to visit as envoy / to visit as family representative for purpose of marriage arrangement (traditional culture)
to question closely / to make a detailed inquiry / to probe / to ask repeatedly
to cross-examine

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