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  *闪* | 闪* | *闪
surname Shan
  *闪* | 闪* | *闪
to dodge / to duck out of the way / to beat it / shaken (by a fall) / to sprain / to pull a muscle / lightning / spark / a flash / to flash (across one's mind) / to leave behind / (Internet slang) (of a display of affection) "dazzlingly" saccharine
flickering / sparkling / glistening / glittering
to depart as quick as a flash / flash mob
(coll.) (of a couple) to display affection in public or by posting photos on social media
to evade / to dodge (out of the way)
lightning flashes
to glitter / to gleam / to sparkle / to flash
to wink / to blink
to evade / to dodge (out of the way)
to glitter like frost and snow (idiom)
to dodge about

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