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  *門* | 門* | *門
gate / door / CL: / gateway / doorway / CL: 個|个 / opening / valve / switch / way to do something / knack / family / house / (religious) sect / school (of thought) / class / category / phylum or division (taxonomy) / classifier for large guns / classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology / (suffix) -gate (i.e. scandal; derived from Watergate)
specialist / specialized / customized
department / branch / section / division / CL: 個|个
popular / hot / in vogue
a trick / an ingenious method / know-how / the knack (of doing sth)
to go out / to leave home / to go on a journey / away from home / (of a woman) to get married
Kinmen or Quemoy islands off the Fujian coast, administered by Taiwan / Jinmen county in Quanzhou 泉州, Fujian, PRC
  *門* | 門* | *門
surname Men
Macao / Aomen / Macau
Tuen Mun district of New Territories, Hong Kong
to drop in / to visit / to lock a door / (of a shop) to close / to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family
entrance door / to enter a door / introduction (to a subject) / to learn the basics of a subject
Neimen township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
rich and powerful (families) / aristocratic / big shots
valve (mechanical)
(soccer, handball etc) to kick or shoot the ball towards the goal
Xiamen or Amoy, subprovincial city in Fujian, abbr. 廈|厦
"Phone Gate", corruption scandal unearthed through telephone records
to close a door / to lock a door / (of a shop etc) to close (for the night, or permanently)
surname Ximen
car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
a neglected branch (of arts, science, sports etc) / fig. a complete unknown who wins a competition
to open a door (lit. and fig.) / to open for business
house door / family clan
the Doors, US rock band
entrance / door / gate / large and influential family
to enter a door / to go in / to learn the basics of a subject / to join one's husband's household upon marriage
door of a room
Shimen or Shihmen township in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
OR gate (electronics)
to knock on a door
side door
myriad / all kinds of / all sorts of
Peimen township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
to come to sb's door / to call on sb
accelerator (pedal) / gas pedal / throttle
Tiananmen Gate, entrance of the Imperial City in Beijing
Jiangmen prefecture-level city in Guangdong
to arrive home / facing one's home / home-coming / (soccer) facing the goalmouth
to stand as a goalkeeper / to keep guard on a gate
Longmen county in Huizhou 惠州, Guangdong / mythical Dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon
Carmen (name) / Carmen, 1875 opera by Georges Bizet 比才 based on novel by Prosper Mérimée 梅里美
poor and humble family / my family (humble)
Tianmen sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
to visit sb at home
Yemen (Tw)
AND gate (electronics)
government office in feudal China / yamen
the building or room opposite
voice / windpipe
valve (esp. tire valve) / accelerator (obsolete term for 油門|油门) / stigma (zool.) / spiracle
Solomon (name)
arched door
strange / unusual / evil ways / dishonest practices
door to door
security door
(Tw) field of knowledge / academic discipline
Sanmen county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang
to knock on a door
to pass through a doorway / (of a woman) to marry / orchestral music interlude in an opera
two simultaneous happy events in the family
the whole family
to lock the door
the one and only way / the only proper course to take
city gate
to exterminate an entire family
Rashomon, Japanese novel and movie / (fig.) situation where conflicting interpretations of the same event obscure the truth / unsolvable case
main entrance / main gate / portal
lit. to enter by the back door / fig. to gain influence by pull or unofficial channels / back door or under the counter connections
noble house
lit. (may the) five blessings descend upon this home (namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death) / (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)
Achilles' heel / chink in the armor
sluice gate
to call on sb / to drop in / to visit sb's home
side door / doing things by the side door (i.e. dishonestly)
defensive gate
goalmouth (in soccer)
first return of bride to her parental home
seat of the government / yamen / (in wuxia stories) special police force
to knock on the door / to take a shot on goal (sports)
famous family / prestigious house
administrative department / administration / executive (government branch)
corner gate
revolving door / turnstile
the Bocca Tigris, a narrow strait in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong / Humen Town 虎門鎮|虎门镇
to burst or force open a door / to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Church) / to score a goal (in football, hockey etc)
Yumen county level city in Jiuquan 酒泉, Gansu
(literary) vaginal opening / vulva
to answer the door
the back door / fig. under the counter (indirect way for influence or pressure) / anus
sliding door
side door
closing cover / door (e.g. of photocopier)
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