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  *锅* | 锅* | *锅
pot / pan / boiler / CL: , 隻|只
wok / frying pan
casserole / earthenware pot
non-stick pan
pressure cooker
frying pan
stew pot / stew pan / saucepan
electric rice cooker
cooking pot
(Internet slang) to shift the blame / to pass the buck
electric rice cooker (Tw)
(slang) (neologism derived from 背黑鍋|背黑锅) to carry the can / to be a scapegoat
iron cooking pot
a big wok / cauldron
a deep fryer
pressure cooker
to fail
frying pan
(of a pot) to boil
pressure cooker (Tw)
to be made a scapegoat / to be unjustly blamed
to cook again / to rewarm food
a still (for distilling alcohol)
variant of 砂鍋|砂锅
reaction pot (chemical engineering) / cauldron (at Hogwarts 霍格沃茨)
"mandarin ducks" pot (hot pot with a divider, containing spicy soup on one side, mild soup on the other)
humpbacked (e.g. a bridge) / in the form of an arch / a hunchback
shabu-shabu (loanword) / Japanese hot pot
to casserole / to stew / vacuum flask / cooker
non-stick pan (Tw)
dish containing a variety of meats and vegetables arranged in a broth in a clay pot / chafing dish
steamer (for cooking)
paper hot pot (hot pot using a single-use pot made of Japanese washi paper with a special coating to prevent burning and leaking, used for cooking at the dining table)
colander / strainer / sieve / leaky pot
to block a shot (basketball)
(dialect) to set up separate households / (sports etc) to analyze the reasons for a defeat
claypot (used in cooking)
don't act until the time is ripe (idiom)
hot pot containing stinky tofu and other ingredients (Taiwanese dish)
one ladle (of sth bad) spoils the (whole) pot (idiom) / one bad apple spoils the barrel
tinker / artisan who fixes leaky pots

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