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to sell / to market / sales (representative, agreement etc)
to submit an expense account / to apply for reimbursement / to write off / to wipe out
to repeal / to revoke / (computing) to undo
to sell well / best seller / chart-topping
to market / to sell
to destroy (by melting or burning) / to obliterate
sales volume
to promote sales
to sell / to sell on commission / to distribute
to cancel / to write off
  *销* | 销* | *销
to melt (metal) / to cancel or annul / to sell / to spend / to fasten with a bolt / bolt or pin
to sell directly / direct sale (by a factory) / direct marketing
to sell well / hot-selling
distribution / retail store
sales figure / total income from sales / turnover
supply and marketing / distribution / supply and sales
to sell to faraway lands
production and sales / production and marketing
to sell as agent / to sell on commission (e.g. insurance policies) / proxy sale (of stocks)
to display and sell (e.g. at a fair) / sales exhibition
to pay (expenses) / expenses / (old) to dismiss (an employee)
to suspend (an agreement) / to revoke
to audit and write off
multi-level marketing
to sell / marketing
to sell in the domestic market / domestic market
to export / to sell abroad
lead underwriter
to underwrite (i.e. guarantee financing) / underwriting / to sell as agent / consignee
ecstasy / rapture / to feel overwhelming joy or sorrow
to vanish without trace (idiom) / to lie low
sale / market / state of the market / sales event
(accounting) to charge against / to write off
to dump (goods, products)
credit transaction / to sell on account
variant of 抵消
bolt (for locking a window, cabinet etc) / (electrical) plug
to have exclusive selling rights / to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
to spend (money) / expenses
distribution / transport and sale (of goods)
trial sale / test marketing
marketable / saleable / appropriate to the market
to sell out / to run out (of supplies) / deficient / lack of supplies
to write off at one stroke
to amortize / amortization
a peg / a pin / dowel
to dispose of stolen goods
to report back after a period of absence
money squandering establishment (e.g. gambling den, brothel etc)
point of sale
to sell poorly / unmarketable / slow-moving (product, inventory etc)
overwhelming sadness (idiom); sorrow at parting
to be reimbursed for actual expenses
to write off / to cancel an item from accounts
retail store
state marketing monopoly
to hand in and cancel
to write off / to cancel
to close a case / to bring a case to a close (law)
to write off / to cancel an account / to draw a line under
to melt / to eliminate
point of sale system
to sell / to be on sale / to be sold
underwriting spread
dowel / carpenter's pin
point of sale (POS) / checkout / retail outlet
distribution business / supplier
small profit but rapid turnover
irrevocable letter of credit
kingpin (vehicle part) / to focus one's marketing efforts on (a region, product etc)
outlet / commission shop / agency
distribution network
to dispatch / consigned (goods)
trade fair / sales exhibition
pyramid scheme
sales agent / salesman / consignee / underwriter
underwriting spread
goods on consignment
underwriting company / dealership / sales agency
underwriting group
goods on consignment
sales representative / salesperson
fulcrum pin
best-seller / best-selling book / blockbuster
yoke / chains / shackles / fetters
viral marketing / see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销
viral marketing / see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销
viral marketing
state monopoly of purchasing and marketing
dealer / seller / distributor / broker / agency / franchise (i.e. company) / retail outlet
product placement
marketing message
proxy sale of securities
expense claim form

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