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  *钻* | 钻* | *钻
variant of 鑽|钻
  *钻* | 钻* | *钻
to drill / to bore / to get into / to make one's way into / to enter (a hole) / to thread one's way through / to study intensively / to dig into / to curry favor for personal gain
  *钻* | 钻* | *钻
an auger / diamond
electric drill
crafty / tricky
pneumatic drill / jackhammer
lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom) / fig. to make the most of every opportunity
pneumatic drill
small diamonds / melee (small diamonds used in embellishing mountings for larger gems) / splints (sharp-pointed diamond splinters) / clatersal (small diamond splints from which diamond powder is produced by crushing)
to start drilling
ice auger
treasure of spirits / Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金
gimlet / hand drill
auger / drill
hand drill with a crank handle
lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity
auger / gimlet / screwdriver (cocktail)
blood diamond / conflict diamond
impact drill / hammer drill

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