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  *钱* | 钱* | *钱
coin / money / CL: 筆|笔 / unit of weight, one tenth of a tael 兩|两
change (of money) / small change / pocket money
capital / (fig.) asset / advantage / the means (to do sth)
money given to children as new year present
  *钱* | 钱* | *钱
surname Qian
well-off / wealthy
money / currency
to earn money / moneymaking
to save money
valuable / costly / expensive
to spend money
to collect money from sb / to give money to sb
to make money
Chinese unit of weight equivalent to 5 grams
to borrow money / to lend money
variant of 佣錢|佣钱
cent / penny
to charge / to demand payment
to lose money / to pay for damages
of little value
large sum of money / old Chinese type of coin of high denomination
to withdraw money
to launder money
copper coin (round with a square hole in the middle, used in former times in China)
charges for a room / house rental
pocket money / allowance
wasted money / pointless expense
to pay money
to deposit money / to save money
to refund money
to pay up / to shell out / to hand over the money to cover sth
to pay
to pay / to spend money / to fork out
shortage of money
to spend big (on sth) / to pour a lot of money into sth
to earn a fortune
to raise enough money to do sth / to pool money / to club together (to do sth)
to burn joss paper / (fig.) to flush money down the toilet
to raise money
pocket money / allowance / spending money
to give change
lit. to dredge for money / to make money by reprehensible means / to fish for a quick buck
ritual money made of paper burnt for the Gods or the dead
gift money (on the occasion of a wedding etc)
secret purse / secret stash of money
money laundering
to spend money recklessly / to squander
tip / gratuity / monetary reward / bonus
two bits / a small amount of money
to fine
to be in a position to (take on a challenge, etc)
to change money / to sell
small sum of money / loose change / Cantonese equivalent of 零錢|零钱
to scatter money / to give to charity
hard-earned money
round coin with a square hole in the middle, used in former times in China
salary / wages
dirty money
to gamble
copper coin of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
to have money left / remaining money
lit. the body is the revolution's capital / fig. good health is a prerequisite for work (Mao Zedong's saying)
inflation / salary raise
to bear part of the cost
silver money (in former times)
to get money / to accumulate money
hot money, money flowing from one currency to another in the hope of quick profit
dirty money
private saved money of close family members
variant of 稱錢|称钱
joss paper made to resemble paper money
to squander money / to spend extravagantly
surplus money
donations to a temple
fare / transport costs
foreign money / flat silver (former coinage) / also written 銀元|银元
monthly payment
liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha)
payment to a porter
(coll.) to gamble
to collect money / to raise funds (for charity)
money extorted as a right of passage / illegal toll / (old) paper money thrown along the way of a funeral procession
(coll.) to grab money / to rake in money
room charge in a hotel / accommodation expenses
(coll.) rich / well-heeled
to be penniless
interest (on a loan etc)
tip / gratuity / money for tea
tip given on a happy occasion (traditional)
usury / high interest loan (in former times)
commission / brokerage
a loss / to lose money
rent / same as 租金
payment to a porter
security deposit / earnest money (real estate) / good-faith deposit

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