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diamond / CL: 顆|颗
to study meticulously / to delve into
  *钻* | 钻* | *钻
to drill / to bore / to get into / to make one's way into / to enter (a hole) / to thread one's way through / to study intensively / to dig into / to curry favor for personal gain
  *钻* | 钻* | *钻
an auger / diamond
to bore a hole / to drill / drilled hole
drilling machine
to get into / to dig into (studies, job etc) / to squeeze into
drill bit
diamond ring / CL: 隻|只
to drill (e.g. for oil) / a borehole
electric drill
to conduct exploratory drilling
to study diligently
impact drill / hammer drill
crafty / tricky
to start drilling
to sneak in / to infiltrate / to be piercingly painful / to be unbearable (of pain, itch etc)
to cut a woodblock (e.g. for printing)
(oil) drilling platform
lit. to penetrate into a bull's horn (idiom); fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem / to bash one's head against a brick wall / a wild goose chase / a blind alley / to split hairs
to bore / to burrow / to crawl through a tunnel
to drill a hole / drilling
lit. to drill a hole / to take advantage of a loophole / to exploit an advantage / to seize the opportunity (esp. to do sth bad)
toadying for personal gain / to curry favor / to study in great depth
to drill wood to make fire
highly eligible bachelor / desirable male partner
blood diamond / conflict diamond
small diamonds / melee (small diamonds used in embellishing mountings for larger gems) / splints (sharp-pointed diamond splinters) / clatersal (small diamond splints from which diamond powder is produced by crushing)
ice auger
drill chuck
application to the task
pneumatic drill
gimlet / hand drill
pressure on a drill bit
drilling machine
to crawl under a table (e.g. as a penalty for losing in a card game)
pneumatic drill / jackhammer
lit. honing a bull's horn; fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem / to bash one's head against a brick wall / a wild goose chase / a blind alley / to split hairs / same as idiom 鑽牛角尖|钻牛角尖
solitaire (puzzle)
treasure of spirits / Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金
residue from drilling / slag hill
jumping through hoops (as acrobatic show)
to make doubly sure (idiom)
boring insect / snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or Heliothus armigera etc), major agricultural pest
auger / drill
auger / gimlet / screwdriver (cocktail)
hand drill with a crank handle
lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom) / fig. to make the most of every opportunity
lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects) / fig. to delve deeply into one's studies / meticulous and diligent study
lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity
to dig into piles of outdated writings (idiom); to study old books and papers
milling crowds
to use influence to get what one wants / to find a way through (esp. corrupt) / to succeed by means fair or foul

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