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crucial point / crux / CL: 個|个 / key / crucial / pivotal
  *鍵* | 鍵* | *鍵
key (on a piano or computer keyboard) / button (on a mouse or other device) / chemical bond / linchpin
button or key (on a device) / keystroke / CL: 個|个 / to press a button
(computer) shortcut key / hotkey
carriage return
chemical bond
a piano key
electric key / switch
hotkey / keyboard shortcut
backspace (keyboard)
left arrow key (on keyboard)
space bar (keyboard)
hydrogen bond
covalent bond (chemistry)
peptide bond CO-NH / bond in protein between carboxyl radical and amino radical
double bond (chemistry)
triple bond (chemistry) / triple link
up arrow key (on keyboard)
down arrow key (on keyboard)
disulfide (chemistry)
to take caution as the key (idiom); to proceed very carefully
valence bond (chemistry)
right arrow key (on keyboard)
single bond (chemistry)
pause button
arrow key (on keyboard)
sleep mode button (on the remote control of an air conditioner)
chroma key / bluescreen / greenscreen (video editing)
metallic bond
ionic bond (chemistry)

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