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  *錯* | 錯* | *錯
mistake / wrong / bad / interlocking / complex / to grind / to polish / to alternate / to stagger / to miss / to let slip / to evade / to inlay with gold or silver
  *錯* | 錯* | *錯
surname Cuo
correct / right / not bad / pretty good
that's right / sure! / rest assured! / that's good / can't go wrong
to be gravely mistaken (idiom)
to err / to get sth wrong / to miscalculate / to misunderstand
to correct an error
to admit an error / to acknowledge one's mistake
to make a mistake / error
to crisscross / to intertwine
to misinterpret what one sees or reads / to misjudge (sb) / to mistake (sb for sb else) / to misread (a document)
to err / to make a mistake / to do the wrong thing
mistake / fault / responsibility (for a fault)
mistake; slip-up; fault; error / accident; mishap
to err / to dial a wrong number / to make a typo
to correct an error
(idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events
criss-crossed (idiom)
rushed work leads to errors (idiom)
lit. if it's wrong, it's wrong (idiom); to make the best after a mistake / to accept an error and adapt to it / to muddle through
to make a careless mistake / mistake; slip-up
to repeat errors / to continue blundering / to make continuous mistakes
wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined / to drink and gamble together in a large group (idiom) / a big (drinking) party
mistake / to make a mistake / to blunder / mistaken
to make a serious mistake (idiom)
troubleshooting / debugging / to debug / erratum / to arrange in incorrect sequence
rarities from the mountain and the sea (idiom); fig. a sumptuous spread of food delicacies
seafood delicacy
intertwined (of tree roots or branches) / fig. an intricate matter
to mishear
Namtso or Lake Nam (officially Nam Co), mountain lake at Nakchu in central Tibet
many and varied
lit. shoes and slippers muddled together (idiom); fig. many guests come and go / a lively party
to misspell / to piece together incorrectly
to make an error
(computing) glitch / bug
Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
to remember incorrectly
trial and error (abbr. for 嘗試錯誤|尝试错误)
to go the wrong way / to take the wrong (road, exit etc)
puzzled / surprised and nonplussed

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