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  *錯* | 錯* | *錯
mistake / wrong / bad / interlocking / complex / to grind / to polish / to alternate / to stagger / to miss / to let slip / to evade / to inlay with gold or silver
mistaken; false; wrong / error; mistake / CL: 個|个
correct / right / not bad / pretty good
to stagger (times)
  *錯* | 錯* | *錯
surname Cuo
fault / mistake / to miss (a chance)
to miss (train, opportunity etc)
astonished; startled
that's right / sure! / rest assured! / that's good / can't go wrong
incorrect character / typo (in Chinese text)
to be gravely mistaken (idiom)
to err / to get sth wrong / to miscalculate / to misunderstand
to make a mistake / error
to crisscross / to intertwine
in disorder / deranged (mentally)
to admit an error / to acknowledge one's mistake
error and negligence
to blame sb wrongly
to misinterpret what one sees or reads / to misjudge (sb) / to mistake (sb for sb else) / to misread (a document)
(idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events
to err / to make a mistake / to do the wrong thing
intricate / complicated / tangled / involved / to synthesize
(lit.) to have taken the wrong medicine / (fig.) (of one's behavior etc) different than usual / abnormal
to correct an error
to misuse / to misapply
incorrectly written or mispronounced characters
to go the wrong way / to take the wrong (road, exit etc)
mistake / fault / responsibility (for a fault)
mistake; slip-up; fault; error / accident; mishap
tangled and complicated (idiom)
to err / to dial a wrong number / to make a typo
strewn at random / disorderly / untidy / irregular / uneven
to correct an error
to be wrongly positioned; to be dislocated; to be misplaced / (medicine) to be in malposition / (fig.) erroneous; eccentric
(idiom) due to an unexpected turn of events
puzzled / surprised and nonplussed
criss-crossed (idiom)
misplaced kindness / humble term: I do not deserve your many kindnesses.
rushed work leads to errors (idiom)
to stagger (holidays, working hours etc)
lit. if it's wrong, it's wrong (idiom); to make the best after a mistake / to accept an error and adapt to it / to muddle through
to give right of way to another vehicle / the wrong bus
twisted roots and intertwined joints (idiom); complicated and very tricky / knotty and deeply-rooted difficulties
to make a careless mistake / mistake; slip-up
to repeat errors / to continue blundering / to make continuous mistakes
misconception / illusion / misperception
wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined / to drink and gamble together in a large group (idiom) / a big (drinking) party
mixed / jumbled
mistake / to make a mistake / to blunder / mistaken
unjust, fake and false charges (in a legal case)
Cona county, Tibetan: Mtsho sna rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
Cona county, Tibetan: Mtsho sna rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
to make a serious mistake (idiom)
troubleshooting / debugging / to debug / erratum / to arrange in incorrect sequence
rarities from the mountain and the sea (idiom); fig. a sumptuous spread of food delicacies
a misjudged legal case / a miscarriage (of justice)
(math.) alternate angles
seafood delicacy
to mispronounce
intertwined (of tree roots or branches) / fig. an intricate matter
to mishear
error message (computing)
Namtso or Lake Nam (officially Nam Co), mountain lake at Nakchu in central Tibet
many and varied
lit. shoes and slippers muddled together (idiom); fig. many guests come and go / a lively party
disorderly and uneven (idiom); irregular and disorderly
to misspell / to piece together incorrectly
to make an error
(TCM) paraphasia
optical illusion / trick of the eye / parablepsia
(math.) alternate exterior angles
uneven and jumbled (idiom); irregular and disorderly / in a tangled mess
to be reincarnated in the wrong womb / (fig.) to be born into unfortunate circumstances (impoverished family, domestic violence etc)
spelling mistake / written error
having elements from another time or place
sense of being in another time and place / feeling that one has entered a time warp
to misunderstand / to get the wrong idea
segmentation fault
men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man (proverb)
to recognize one's mistakes and be able to reform oneself (idiom)
(computing) glitch / bug
Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
phonological error
optical illusion
to remember incorrectly
trial and error (abbr. for 嘗試錯誤|尝试错误)
mistake of pronunciation
run-time error (in computing)
logical error
to move relative to one another
split-level (home)
to stagger usage to ameliorate peak load
error note (i.e. misprinted banknote)
missense mutation
in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect

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