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metal / CL: 種|种
heavy metal
precious metal
nonmetal (chemistry)
metal wire
metal rod
non-ferrous metals (all metals excluding iron, chromium, manganese and their alloys)
metal plate
metal cover
ferrous metals (i.e. iron, chromium, manganese and alloys containing them)
transition metal (chemistry)
metalloid (chemistry)
foil / Taiwan pr. [jin1 shu3 bo2 pian4]
rare earth element
alkali metal
metal fatigue
metallic bond
alkaline earth (i.e. beryllium Be 鈹|铍, magnesium Mg 鎂|镁, calcium Ca 鈣|钙, strontium Sr 鍶|锶, barium Ba 鋇|钡 and radium Ra 鐳|镭)
symphonic metal (pop music) / heavy metal with symphonic pretensions
alkali metal

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