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soy sauce
XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce invented in Hong Kong in the 1980s
  *酱* | 酱* | *酱
thick paste of fermented soybean / marinated in soy paste / paste / jam
to buy soy sauce / it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")
zhajiang mian, thick wheat noodles served with ground pork simmered in salty fermented soybean paste (or other sauce)
ketchup / tomato sauce
minced meat sauce / (fig.) mincemeat / a person cut to pieces
dark reddish purple / Internet slang abbr. for 這樣子|这样子
peanut butter
sesame paste
(lit.) oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar / (fig.) the trivia of everyday life
shrimp paste
sesame paste
yellow soybean paste (fermented and salted)
barbecue sauce
apple sauce / apple jam
dip (cookery)
garlic sauce / pesto
pickled cucumber
black bean sauce
hot and sour sauce / chutney
spread (for putting on bread etc)
satay sauce
sticky chili bean sauce / doubanjiang
dipping sauce / to dip in sauce
French dressing / vinaigrette
crab paste
red pepper paste / chili sauce
pastry cream / crème pâtissière
Caesar salad dressing
thousand island dressing
marmalade / jellied fruit
lit. firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea / fig. life's daily necessities
orange jam / marmalade
(orange) marmalade
hoisin sauce (barbecue sauce) / seafood sauce
barbecue sauce
salad dressing
chili con carne
Worcestershire sauce

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