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soy sauce
XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce invented in Hong Kong in the 1980s
  *酱* | 酱* | *酱
thick paste of fermented soybean / marinated in soy paste / paste / jam
sesame paste
sesame paste
minced meat sauce / (fig.) mincemeat / a person cut to pieces
(lit.) oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar / (fig.) the trivia of everyday life
yellow soybean paste (fermented and salted)
shrimp paste
dark reddish purple / Internet slang abbr. for 這樣子|这样子
pickled cucumber
sticky chili bean sauce / doubanjiang
dipping sauce / to dip in sauce
dip (cookery)
crab paste
peanut butter
satay sauce
thousand island dressing
hot and sour sauce / chutney
pastry cream; crème pâtissière
Caesar salad dressing
spread (for putting on bread etc)
to buy soy sauce / it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")
marmalade / jellied fruit
lit. firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea / fig. life's daily necessities
orange jam / marmalade
(orange) marmalade
French dressing / vinaigrette
hoisin sauce (barbecue sauce) / seafood sauce
zhajiang mian, thick wheat noodles served with ground pork simmered in salty fermented soybean paste (or other sauce)
barbecue sauce
barbecue sauce
ketchup / tomato sauce
salad dressing
apple sauce / apple jam
black bean sauce
red pepper paste / chili sauce
chili con carne
Worcestershire sauce
garlic sauce / pesto

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