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beer (loanword) / CL: , , , ,
heavy drinking / to get drunk / to drink to excess
  *酒* | 酒* | *酒
wine (esp. rice wine) / liquor / spirits / alcoholic beverage / CL: , , , ,
to brew wine
tobacco and alcohol
to get drunk
baijiu, a spirit usually distilled from sorghum
to drink wine
colored wine (made from grapes or other fruit, as opposed to a rice wine etc)
to raise one's wine cup
strong alcoholic drink
name of a famous Tang dynasty wine / same as 白酒
Tsingtao Beer
cooking wine
"yellow wine" (mulled rice wine, usually served warm)
to dissipate the effects of alcohol
to dissipate the effects of alcohol / to sober up
cocktail (loanword)
good wine / fine liquor
to toast / to propose a toast
to mix drinks / cocktail
Fenjiu (sorghum-based Chinese liquor)
a famous wine
sweet liquor
Yanjing beer (Beijing beer brand)
wine, esp. Shaoxing wine
Jiugui Liquor, liquor company from 吉首
to taste wine / to sip wine
The Drunken Beauty, Qing Dynasty Beijing opera
drinking party with female entertainers
unfiltered rice wine
wine flavored with Chinese mugwort
to give up drinking / to abstain from drinking
to warm up wine / wine served warm, generally referring to Chinese wine such as 黃酒 and 白酒
to drink as the result of having lost a bet
formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony
to be appropriate to have with alcohol / to down one's drink
to offer a libation / person who performs the libation before a banquet / senior member of a profession / important government post in imperial China
sake (Japanese rice wine)
rum (loanword)
aperitif wine
mulled wine
craft beer
wedding feast / liquor drunk at a wedding feast
alcohol drunk to drown one's sorrows
champagne (loanword) / CL: ,
to drink along (with sb)
absinthe (distilled anise-based liquor)
kumis / horse milk wine
draft beer / unpasteurized beer
lit. new wine in old bottles; fig. new concepts in an old framework / (loan idiom from Matthew 9:17, but fig. meaning is opposite)
old wine in a new bottle (idiom)
distilled liquor / spirits
Shaoxing wine a.k.a. "yellow wine", traditional Chinese wine made from glutinous rice and wheat
to drink excessively
to urge sb to drink alcohol
wine-lover's heart is not in the cup (idiom); a drinker not really interested in alcohol / having an ulterior motive / to have other things in mind / with an ax to grind / accomplishing something besides what one set out to do
whiskey (loanword)
old wine
to pour wine or liquor
liquor (loanword)
to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit / fig. to hesitate to do sth until forced to do even more
to play house (Tw)
to force sb to drink alcohol
rum (loanword)
realgar wine (traditionally drunk during the Dragon Boat Festival 端午節|端午节)
dilute wine / insipid wine / I'm sorry the wine I offer you is so poor (humble)
Baileys Irish Cream (brand of alcoholic drink)
gin (Taiwan variant of 金酒)
prohibition / ban on alcohol / dry law
to drink a toast
to drink together (in company) / to drink together (with food)
sparkling wine
low-alcohol beer / non-alcoholic beer (typically, 0.5% ABV or less)
pasteurized beer
rum (beverage) (loanword)
lit. a chicken and a bottle of wine (idiom); fig. ready to make an offering to the deceased, or to entertain guests
to have a drink
vermouth (loanword) / Italian spiced fortified wine
old wine in a new bottle (idiom)
liquor (loanword)
to drink (alcohol)
Benedictine (liquor)
(grape) wine
Budweiser beer
punch (drink) (loanword)
lit. to trade a fur coat for wine (idiom) / fig. (of wealthy people) to lead a dissolute and extravagant life
vermouth (loanword)
pulling a lamb and bringing wine on a carrying pole (idiom); fig. to offer elaborate congratulations / to kill the fatted calf
wine from grain / ale
glutinous rice wine / fermented glutinous rice

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