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matching / fitting in with / compatible with / to correspond / to fit / to conform to / rapport / to coordinate with / to act in concert with / to cooperate / to become man and wife / to combine parts of machine
to distribute / to assign / to allocate / to partition (a hard drive)
to pair up / to match / to arrange in pairs / to add sth into a group
to allocate / to provide / to outfit with
consort / mate / spouse
to control / to dominate / to allocate
component / part / fitting / accessory / replacement part
ornament (jewelry, accoutrements etc) / decorations
  *配* | 配* | *配
to join / to fit / to mate / to mix / to match / to deserve / to make up (a prescription) / to allocate
to mate or marry / to match / matching / compatible
to pair up / to match up / to form a pair (e.g. to marry) / to mate / matched pair
prescription / cooking recipe / formulation / completing the square (to solve quadratic equation, math.)
to put together an order and deliver it (i.e. 配貨|配货 and 送貨|送货) / to deliver (goods)
to form a complete set / compatible / matching / complementary
dubbing (filmmaking)
to provide as a standard feature / standard feature / standard equipment / standard configuration / (abbr. for 標準配置|标准配置)
to issue / to distribute / to publish along with
ingredients (in a cooking recipe) / to mix materials according to directions
to deploy / to allocate / configuration / allocation
supporting role (in play, film etc) / minor role / to play a secondary role (in business etc) / to play second fiddle
to create music for a movie or stage production / to dub music onto a soundtrack / incidental music / soundtrack music
to allocate / to deploy
to blend (colors, herbs) / to mix
to assemble / to fit together
to replace (sth missing) / to restore
highest level of specification (for a product)
quota / ration
perfect match
to install / to assemble / to load goods (on ships etc)
adapter (device)
to put together an order of goods
to ration merchandise (esp. food in times of shortages)
dispenser (for consumables such as liquid soap) / splitter (for cable TV signal etc)
to compound (medicines etc) / to prepare (by mixing ingredients) / to concoct
to match / well-suited
delivery address
to send away to serve a penal sentence
mating / copulation (esp. of animals)
to dispense (drugs) / to prescribe
power cabinet / switch box
to marry
fast matchmaking / speed dating / (coll.) (Tw) (of a couple) to be a good match
to breed / mating
to be well matched / to suit
(loanword) pace (running)
to ration / to allocate
to have a pair of prescription glasses made
adaptation layer
(Tw) (media) writing an article or creating a video favorable to a business in return for payment from the business (abbr. for 業務配合|业务配合)
delivery service, primarily C2C and B2C (Tw)
to make a key
gamete / sex cell
to blend two or more medicines / compatibility (of herbal remedies, medicines)
troops attached to a unit
accessory hook
cargo stowage (shipping)
distribution (of goods for sale)
an oversubscribed share
(Tw) advertorial
adapter (device)
power or force to dominate
to betroth a girl (in arranged marriages)
wildcard character (computing)
to mix / to hybridize
assembly worker
to check for compatibility (for an organ transplant)
assembly line / production line
impedance matching
distributor (automobile)
assembly plant
completing the square (method of solving quadratic equation, math.)
distribution according to work
authority to dispose of sth
to coordinate closely / to act in close partnership with
(math.) distributive law
first wife
subject to (foreign domination, emotions etc)
power distribution substation
(linguistics) valence / valency
second wife (of a widower)
a unified distribution / a unified allocation
matched pair
match (couple) / persons well suited for each other
disposable income
base pairing (e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 in DNA) / base pair
male gamete / sperm cell
breeding season
rebar (construction)
optometry / eyesight testing
file allocation table / FAT

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