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to despise / to disdain / to look down upon
base / mean / contemptible / despicable
to despise / to look down upon / despicable
  *鄙* | 鄙* | *鄙
rustic / low / base / mean / to despise / to scorn
a ranking of items in a particular category, with the most highly regarded on top (neologism c. 2012, coined by analogy with 食物鏈|食物链, food chain)
your humble servant / I
to disdain / to loathe
superficial / shallow
sordid and contemptible (idiom); vile and repulsive (esp. character or action)
base / mean / despicable
vulgar / stingy / miserly / mean
(my) humble opinion / humble idea
vulgar / philistine
remote / border area
lowly / despicable / to despise
to be avaricious and mean
derogatory term
to despise / to scorn
vulgar / coarse / uncouth
vulgar / disrespectful
muddled and limited (of writing)
vulgar / philistine
base / mean / despicable
to state one's humble opinion (idiom)
(literary) to censure / to rebuke

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