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Chengdu subprovincial city and capital of Sichuan province 四川 in southwest China
  *都* | 都* | *都
surname Du
  *都* | 都* | *都
all / both / entirely / (used for emphasis) even / already / (not) at all
  *都* | 都* | *都
capital city / metropolis
capital (city) / CL: 個|个
Huadu district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong
Kyoto, Japan
capital (of a country)
Kham or Chamdo, Tibetan: Chab mdo historic capital of Kham prefecture of Tibet (Chinese Qamdo or Changdu) / also Qamdo county
all / without exception
Xindu or Newtown district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan
Jiangdu county level city in Yangzhou 揚州|扬州, Jiangsu
Yandu district of Yancheng city 鹽城市|盐城市, Jiangsu
Dadu, capital of China during the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368), modern day Beijing
for the most part / on the whole / also pr. [da4 du1]
for the most part / on the whole / metropolitan
ancient capital
Fengdu county in Fuling suburbs of Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
Yudu county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
imperial capital
Yaodu district of Linfen city 臨汾市|临汾市, Shanxi
Shangdu county in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia
Ledu county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区, Qinghai
Wudu district of Longnan city 隴南市|陇南市, Gansu
Modu, nickname for Shanghai
Yidu county level city in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei
Zengdu district of Suizhou city 隨州市|随州市, Hubei
Ningdu county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Liandu district of Lishui city 麗水市|丽水市, Zhejiang
national capital
Weidu district of Xuchang city 許昌市|许昌市, Henan
Qindu District in Xianyang City 咸陽市|咸阳市, Shaanxi
Yindu district of Anyang city 安陽市|安阳市, Henan
to establish a capital
to move the capital (city)
former capital / ancient capital
Kathmandu, capital of Nepal
Wangdu county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
Augustus (name)
old variant of 豐都|丰都 / Fengdu county Chongqing municipality / name of a famous necropolis
Dejun, former county, merged into Wudalianchi 五大連池|五大连池 in Heihe, Heilongjiang
provisional capital of a country (e.g. in time of war) / secondary capital / alternative capital
concept from Vedic astronomy (Sanskrit Ketu), the opposite point to 羅睺|罗睺 / imaginary star presaging disaster
old capital
tiger (ancient, dialect)
Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw, jungle capital of Myanmar (Burma) since November 2005, 300 km north of Rangoon and 300 km south of Mandalay / formerly called Pyinmana 彬馬那|彬马那
the old capital (after a move)
to determine the position of the capital / to found a capital
ghetto (loanword)
Shangdu, also known as Xanadu, summer capital of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
Zhongdu, capital of China during the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), modern day Beijing
(onom.) for plopping sound
Diophantus of Alexandria (3rd century AD), Greek mathematician

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