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  *邪* | 邪* | *邪
old variant of
  *邪* | 邪* | *邪
demonic / iniquitous / nefarious / evil / unhealthy influences that cause disease (Chinese medicine) / (coll.) strange / abnormal
sinister / vicious / wicked / evil
evil cult
to ward off evil spirits / mythical lion-like animal that wards off evil (also called 貔貅)
strange / unusual / evil ways / dishonest practices
to mend one's ways (idiom) / to turn over a new leaf
to drive out devils / exorcism
evil spirits
evil influence / unhealthy trend / (a person's) evil air / aura of wickedness / (TCM) pathogenic energy (opposite: 正氣|正气, vital energy)
to exorcise / to drive away evil spirits
without guilt
opposition between vital energy 正氣|正气 and pathogeny 邪氣|邪气 (TCM)
pathogenic influence (TCM)
to be possessed / to be bewitched
see 邪道
lit. devil's gate, crooked path (idiom); corrupt practices / crooked methods / dishonesty
(TCM) six unhealthy influences causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風|风, cold , heat , damp 濕|湿, dryness , fire
pathogeny (cause of disease) in TCM / as opposed to vital energy 正氣|正气
noxious winds, evil influences (idiom); malignant social trends
false wisdom and erroneous views (Buddhism)
to avoid evil spirits
evil spirit
harmful teachings / evil doctrine
depraved life / evil ways / fornication
evil monster
clever move from out of left field
to guard against evil / to exorcise
wicked idea / evil thought / evil desire
dishonest practices
evil spirit
extraordinary / severe / exaggerated / overstated / fantastic / incredible
crafty and evil / a treacherous villain
the Axis of Evil
abnormal / improper / beyond the pale
cult film
lies and slander / malicious calumny
term in TCM describing the progress of disease as an opposition between vital energy 正氣|正气 and pathogeny 邪氣|邪气
to be corrupted by evil influences (idiom)
to give up evil and return to virtue
to uphold good and suppress evil (idiom)
depraved life / evil ways / fornication
good will always triumph over evil (idiom)
windfall / easy money / ill-gotten gains
to avoid calamities and evil spirits
to drive away demons to prevent calamity (idiom)
biased / prejudiced (idiom)

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