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regret / to regret / to be sorry that
heritage / legacy / inheritance / bequest / CL: 筆|笔
heredity / to inherit (a trait) / to pass on (to one's offspring)
to lose / lost
to leave behind / to hand down
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to lose / to leave behind / to omit / to bequeath / sth lost / involuntary discharge (of urine etc)
to overlook / to miss / to omit
trace / vestige / historical remains / remnant
ruins / historic relics
to become forgotten / to forget
cultural heritage
testament / will
(medicine) sequelae / residual effects / (fig.) repercussions / aftermath
final wishes of the departed
(UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage
remains (of a dead person)
to leave / to abandon
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage
to spare no pains or effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
posthumous writing / testament / suicide note / ancient literature
to leave behind (inadvertently) / to forget / to omit / to leave out
hereditary / inherited / genetic
nocturnal emission / wet dream
genetic material
words of the deceased / last words of the dying / wisdom of past sages
historical remains / historic monuments
historical remains / things that have survived since ancient times / (of such things) to survive
genetic information
completely / fully / without omission
the mission in life of a deceased person, left to others to carry on
to bequeath
(dead) human remains
inheritance tax / estate tax
genetic disorder
unrecognized talent
tradition or style from the past / old ways / surviving tradition / relic
surviving family of the deceased
be plainly visible
to lay bare / to come to light
molecular genetics
portrait of the deceased
eternal regret
to have one's name go down in history as a byword for infamy (idiom)
(dead) human remains
(lit.) leftover men / (fig.) loyalist adherents of a former dynasty / surviving members of an ethnic group
wet dream / nocturnal emission (ejaculation)
posthumous work
posthumous edict (of former emperor)
picture of the deceased
the bereaved / family of the deceased
wishes of the deceased
old fogy / adherent of previous dynasty
unsolved case (law)
body of the deceased (esp. in the context of paying one's respects) / picture of the deceased
heritage / historical legacy
to show in full light / to be revealed in its entirety
to shed skin / to leave one's mortal envelope / remains (of a priest)
genetic engineering
Hemudu neolithic archaeological site near Ningbo 長江|长江 in Zhejiang, going back to c. 5000 BC
surviving manuscript / bequeathed draft (of book)
undiscovered talent (idiom)
to send (sb) on a mission / to dispatch
feces / excrement / scat / droppings / to egest / to get (one's feelings) out / to rid oneself (of a thought)
to remedy omissions and correct errors (idiom)
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安
work or plans left as a legacy / the views of the departed / posthumous orders or teachings
World Heritage site
posthumous (painting, calligraphy, prose etc)
to concentrate on trivial points while neglecting the main problem (idiom)
lit. no one picks up lost articles in the street (idiom) / fig. honesty prevails throughout society
widow / the deceased's widow
posthumous edict of former emperor / Liu Bei's 劉備|刘备 edict to posterity
(bird species of China) relict gull (Ichthyaetus relictus)
to pocket a lost article / (fig.) to correct others' errors / to remedy omissions (in a text etc)
to leave behind / sb's legacy
lit. no one picks up lost articles in the street (idiom) / fig. honesty prevails throughout society
damaged beyond repair
exhaustive / thorough
Rear a tiger and court disaster. (idiom); fig. if you're too lenient with sb, he will damage you later / to cherish a snake in one's bosom
unclaimed articles
lit. to foster an ulcer and bequeath a calamity (idiom); tolerating budding evil can only lead to disaster / to cherish a viper in one's bosom
orphan / posthumous son
to have eternal regrets (idiom)
ruins of capital city of King Helu of Wu, from 6th century BC, at modern Wuxi, Jiangsu
Liu Juanzi's medical recipes bequeathed by the ghost Huang Fugui 黃父鬼|黄父鬼
to have disastrous consequences / also written 貽害無窮|贻害无穷
detailed and nothing left out (idiom); meticulous and comprehensive / not missing an iota
ruins of Cherchen, Qarqan or Chiemo, archaeological site in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
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