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street / CL: 條|条 / subdistrict / residential district
flavor / smell / hint of
don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
frequency / (television) channel
to report (news) / report / CL: ,
authentic / genuine / proper
irrigation ditch / (fig.) channel / means
track (for trains etc) / orbit (of a satellite) / (fig.) a person's established path in life / desired trajectory (of a business or other endeavor) / (audio engineering) track / (quantum mechanics) orbital
the Way of the Hegemon / abbr. for 霸王之道 / despotic rule / rule by might / evil as opposed to the Way of the King 王道 / overbearing / tyranny / (of liquor, medicine etc) strong / potent
fair / equitable
human sympathy / humanitarianism / humane / the "human way", one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation (Buddhism) / sexual intercourse
equator (of the earth or astronomical body)
Tongdao Dong autonomous county in Huaihua 懷化|怀化, Hunan
(communications) channel / thoroughfare / passage
  *道* | 道* | *道
road / path / CL: 條|条, / principle / truth / morality / reason / skill / method / Dao (of Daoism) / to say / to speak / to talk / classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process / (old) circuit (administrative division)
to know / to become aware of / also pr. [zhi1 dao5]
main street / avenue
to make one's first public performance (of an entertainer etc) / to start one's career
tubing / pipeline / (fig.) channel / means
railway line / rail track
athletic track / track / runway (i.e. airstrip)
to state / to say (the quoted words)
to discuss / reason (behind sth)
to ask the way / to ask
passageway / corridor / aisle
God knows... / Who would have imagined...?
national highway
in the middle of the road / to be in the way / to hold power / (fig.) to predominate / to be in vogue
race course
plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff / (archaic) elevated passageway connecting the upper levels of adjacent towers
traffic lane / driveway
sound track / audio channel
gastrointestinal tract
kind and honest / generous / sincere
tunnel / causeway
river course / river channel
road on a slope / inclined path / ramp
to talk rubbish
to lecture on doctrine / to expound the wisdom of ancient sages / to preach / a sermon
waterway / ship channel
If I had known earlier...
Baidu Knows, online Q & A forum, zhidao.baidu.com
Erdao district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin
to go by a roundabout route / to take a detour / (medicine or civil engineering) bypass
intestines / gut
trajectory (of a projectile) / ballistic curve
dark road / criminal ways / the underworld / see also 白道
to shout (i.e. to say in a loud voice) (usually followed by the words shouted) / (old) (of yamen bailiffs etc) to walk ahead of an official, shouting at pedestrians to clear the way
the correct path / the right way (Buddhism)
the Way of the King / statecraft / benevolent rule / virtuous as opposed to the Way of Hegemon 霸道
comprehensive report / consolidated report
Hokkaidō, Japan
to change lanes
natural law / heavenly law / weather (dialect)
signal path
justice / fairness / public highway
freeway ramp
corridor / passageway (in storied building)
bile duct / biliary tract
winding road / road curve
to achieve the Dao / to become an immortal
pavement / sidewalk / path / walk / footpath / aisle
kendō (sports)
according to a report / It is reported that...
to yell
on-the-spot report
fast lane
ancient road / precepts of the antiquity
press report
first time / first (round, course, coat of paint etc)
negligible / insignificant
the true way
poor Taoist
to play tricks on / to make a fool of
lit. there are principles behind making money (idiom); fig. to have a knack for good business / knowing how to accumulate wealth / good at feathering one's own nest
underpass / subway / tunnel
arterial road / main road / main watercourse
a road only a bird can manage / steep dangerous road
Huarong Road (traditional puzzle involving sliding wooden blocks, loosely based on an episode in Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义)
doorway / gateway
the way to do sth / knack
broad and open road (idiom); fig. brilliant future prospects
flue / air duct / air passage / respiratory tract
to change route / to divert (a road or a watercourse)
urethra / urinary tract
esophagus / the proper way to eat / food transportation route
synthetic athletics track / tartan track
wound track (the path of a bullet through the body)
one-way street
filial piety (Confucian virtue) / to be a good son or daughter
aqueduct / sewer
to lose the way / unjust / moral failing
disgraceful (of behavior that is unfilial, rebellious or otherwise in grave breach of the norms of society)
Hur Jun (TV series)

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