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to force / to compel / to coerce
  *逼* | 逼* | *逼
variant of / to compel / to pressure
  *逼* | 逼* | *逼
to force (sb to do sth) / to compel / to press for / to extort / to press on towards / to press up to / to close in on / euphemistic variant of
lifelike / true to life / distinctly / clearly
to press on towards / to close in on / to approach / to draw near
(dialect) stupefied / dumbfounded
variant of 傻屄
variant of 牛屄
(slang) silly but amusing person
pressing / threatening
(slang) (lit.) to tear cunt / (fig.) (of females) to have a catfight / to have a bitch fight
variant of 裝屄|装屄
(slang) pretentious style
to threaten / to coerce / to intimidate
to question intensely / to interrogate / to demand information
to make threats and promises
to hound sb to death
to compel / to force
to press hard / to close in on
(slang) high-end / classy
overbearing / forceful / aggressive / menacing / imperious
to extort a confession
to look at from close up / to watch intently
to press (for a payment)
to force the king or emperor to abdicate
(dialect) to talk nonsense / to chat idly
driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels / to drive to revolt / to force sb to desperate action
to pressure / to press / to force / to compel / to push / to coerce / to urge / to impel / to bully into / to be compelled
variant of 肏屄
variant of 二屄
to force a draw (in chess, competition etc)
narrow / cramped
to advance on sth / to press closely (on some goal)
to press for payment of debts / to dun
to push sb too far / to go too far (in oppressing people)
to force an honest girl into prostitution (idiom) / to debauch
a government official drives the people to revolt (idiom); a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the people
(coll.) coffee (loanword) (Tw)
to pursue closely / to press / to demand (payment) / to extort (a concession)
to coerce / to force / to press sb into doing sth
to rape
variant of 肏屄
to obtain confessions by compulsion / confession under duress
to checkmate (in chess)
water-boarding, interrogation technique used by CIA
(vulgar) to rattle on / to talk drivel
to bear a close resemblance to / to be the very image of

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