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to create / to bring about / to produce / to set (a record)
to manufacture; to make
to bring about / to create / to cause
to model / to shape / appearance / style / design / form / pose
to model / to mold / (fig.) to create (a character, a market, an image etc) / (literature) to portray (in words)
to cast (pour metal into a mold)
to forge / to fake / to counterfeit
structure / composition / tectonic (geology) / CL: 個|个
Made in China 2025, strategic plan to upgrade Chinese industry especially in high-tech areas, approved by China's State Council in 2015
  *造* | 造* | *造
to make / to build / to manufacture / to invent / to fabricate / to go to / party (in a lawsuit or legal agreement) / crop / classifier for crops
to create / to build / to develop / to forge (of metal)
to construct / to build
to transform / to reform / to remodel / to remold
to rebel / to revolt
man-made / artificial / synthetic
construction cost
to build (housing) / to construct / to make
to counterfeit / to pass off a fake as genuine
to boost support or interest / to campaign / to promote
to make up / to fabricate
creativeness / creativity
to bring up / to train / to contribute to / achievements (usually of young people)
affected / artificial / to make / to manufacture
to benefit (e.g. the people)
to build / to repair
to forge (metal) / forging
lit. to shut oneself away and build a cart (idiom) / fig. to work on a project in isolation, without caring for outside realities
to found / to create
to make blood (function of bone marrow)
to start a rumor
to weave / to manufacture by weaving
to brew / to make (wine, vinegar, soybean paste etc) by fermentation
to compile / to draw up / to fabricate / to invent / to concoct / to make up / to cook up
to create Chinese characters / cf Six Methods of forming Chinese characters 六書|六书
to visit / to pay a visit
to pursue one's studies
to reach great heights (in technical skills or scholastic achievements)
level of mastery (of a skill or area of knowledge) / (archaic) to pay a visit to sb
artificial satellite
to do evil / to commit sins
the Creator (in religion or mythology) / God
to copy / to produce sth after a model / to counterfeit
lit. made by Heaven and arranged by Earth(idiom) / ideal / perfect / (of a match) made in heaven / to be made for one another
luck / to create the universe / god (as the creator of all things) / the Creator
to coin (words or expressions)
pretension / affectation / putting on artificial airs
(literary) hurried / rash
to forge / fake / to fabricate (a story)
mountain building / orogenesis (geology)
to concoct / to dream up
fabrication relying on nothing (idiom); frame-up
to give a new lease of life / to reconstruct / to reform / to rework / to recycle / to reproduce (copies, or offspring) / restoration / restructuring
your favor amounts to being given a new lease on life (idiom)
both parties (to a lawsuit) / plaintiff and defendant
to alter / to modify / to mutilate (of documents)
recycling industry
Xinzao town, Guangdong
newly made
good luck / Nature (as the mother of all things)
to churn out large quantities without regard for quality (idiom); rough and slipshod work
made in China
synthetic fiber
ingenuity / creativity
artificial satellite
artificial language / constructed language / conlang
repair workshop (for machinery, vehicles etc)
counterfeit object / forgery / fake
reconstructive surgery
(coll.) to strike a pose
manufacturing industry
Creator (Christianity)
creationism (religion)
reeducation through labor / laogai (prison camp)
Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)
facing a wall, an imaginary construction (idiom); baseless fabrication
genetic modification (GM)
creative / original
to pose (for a picture)
saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda (idiom)
Xinzao town, Guangdong
Time makes the man (idiom). The trend of events brings forth the hero.
ingenious / creative
final phase
plate tectonics
tectonic movement / movement of earth's crust
builder / contractor

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