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fast / high-speed / rapid
speed / rate / velocity / (music) tempo / CL: 個|个
  *速* | 速* | *速
fast / rapid / quick / velocity
high speed
to exceed the speed limit / to speed / high-speed
to increase the specified cruising speed / to pick up speed / to speed up
to speed up / to expedite
to change speed / to shift gear / variable-speed
expressway / highway / freeway
rapid / speedy / fast
gearbox / transmission
to reduce speed / to slow down / to take it easy
(sports) to race / racing
speed / rate
to speed up / to accelerate / growth rate (economics)
crash (course) / accelerated (process) / quick (fix) / instant (success) / to achieve in a short time
angular velocity / number of revolutions per minute
wind speed
flying speed / rapid (growth)
speed per hour
to adjust the speed
uniform velocity
gearbox / speed changer / gear
hurried / at a great speed / rapid (development)
to develop rapidly
to quick-freeze
speed limit
vehicle speed
at top speed / at a tremendous lick
very fast / at high speed
the speed of light
moderator / reducer (mechanical gearbox)
accelerator (computing) / particle accelerator
differential (gear)
flow speed / rate of flow
speed reading
speed of sound
quick results / fast-acting
uninvited or unexpected guest
fast food (Tw)
linear velocity
highway / expressway / same as 高速公路
quick sketch
top speed / at full speed
ultra high speed
lightning speed / amazingly rapid / incredible pace of development
angular velocity
manual gearbox / manual transmission
instant coffee
gear lever / stick shift
transmission rate / transmission speed
tachometer / RPM gauge
cache (computing)
(to do sth) with dispatch / as soon as possible
mnemotechnic method
(loanword) pace (running)
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / don't try to run before you can walk
to arrive without invitation / unexpected guest / unwanted presence
a blitzkrieg strategy (idiom) / to resolve sth in the shortest time possible / to get sth done quickly
escape velocity
high speed network
as quick as possible
Sea of Azov in southern Russia
high speed
tangential velocity
linear accelerator
low speed
REM sleep
drive-thru (loanword)
time-lapse photography
top gear / high gear
escape velocity
speed skating
low gear / bottom gear
wave velocity
fast food shop
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / also written 欲速則不達|欲速则不达
maximum speed / maximum velocity
particle accelerator
rapid victory
speed at the end of the trajectory / speed in the final stage
rapid spread / to spread rapidly
gears (in a car)
to change gear
lit. speed is a crucial asset in war (idiom) / fig. swift and resolute (in doing sth)
accelerator pedal
instant noodles
cyclotron (particle accelerator)
uninvited (guest) / unexpected (appearance) / unwanted presence
rotational angular velocity
quick decision
scooter (loanword)
klystron (electronic tube used to produce high frequency radio waves)

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