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to notify / to inform / notice / notification / CL: 個|个
  *通* | 通* | *通
to go through / to know well / (suffix) expert / to connect / to communicate / open / to clear / classifier for letters, telegrams, phone calls etc
  *通* | 通* | *通
classifier for an activity, taken in its entirety (tirade of abuse, stint of music playing, bout of drinking etc)
to be connected / traffic / transportation / communications / liaison
by means of / through / via / to pass through / to get through / to adopt / to pass (a bill or inspection etc) / to switch over
common / ordinary / general / average
to correspond (by letter etc) / to communicate / communication
to go through / to pass through / to be in general use
to open up (windows for air, ideas for discussion, transportation routes etc)
Tongdao Dong autonomous county in Huaihua 懷化|怀化, Hunan
(communications) channel / thoroughfare / passage
communications / news story / dispatch / CL: 個|个
Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
to use anywhere, anytime (card, ticket etc) / to be used by everyone (language, textbook etc) / (of two or more things) interchangeable
to circulate / to distribute / circulation / distribution
abbr. for 上海交通大學|上海交通大学 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 西安交通大學|西安交通大学 Xia'an Jiaotong University, 國立交通大學|国立交通大学 National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) etc
cartoon (loanword)
to announce / to give notice
to join / to connect / to link up / to communicate
Nantong prefecture level city in Jiangsu
China United Telecommunications Corporation / aka China Unicom or Unicom / abbr. for 中國聯通|中国联通
connection / link / to link together
Southwest Jiaotong University
a pass (authority to enter) / a laissez-passer or safe conduct
to lead directly to
Mandarin (common language) / Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language) / ordinary speech
to inform / to notify / to announce / circular / bulletin / (scientific) journal
China Netcom (CNC), former telecommunication service provider in PRC
to clear customs / (gaming) to finish (a game, a level, a stage, etc)
regular / usual / normal / usually / normally
airy / ventilation / to ventilate / to disclose information
metro / rapid transit / subway
to be proficient in / to master (a subject)
to hold a conversation / to talk over the telephone / phone call
department of transport
"through train" (refers to the idea of retaining previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or Macao)
Tongzhou district east of Beijing, formerly Tong county / Tongzhou county level city in Nantong 南通, Jiangsu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Tongliao prefecture level city in Inner Mongolia
to intercommunicate / to interoperate
Bank of Communications
communications technology
China Unicom
Datong district of Huainan city 淮南市, Anhui / Datong Hui and Tu autonomous county in Xining 西寧|西宁, Qinghai
address book / directory
Nantong prefecture level city in Jiangsu
Tonghua prefecture level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China / also Tonghua county
Yikatong (Beijing public transport smart card)
unimpeded / free-flowing / straight path / unclogged / move without obstruction
Zhaotong prefecture level city in Yunnan
fast and abundant (news) / clever / effective
to open access / to establish contact / to remove a block / to put through (a phone connection)
to unblock / to dredge / to clear the way / to get things flowing / to facilitate / to mediate / to lobby / to explicate (a text)
to lead to
PRC Ministry of Transport (MOT)
communications network
to understand clearly / to be sensible or reasonable / understanding
to connect / to communicate / to relate / (math.) connected
Tongzhou district east of Beijing, formerly Tong county / Tongzhou county level city in Nantong 南通, Jiangsu
general knowledge / overall knowledge / common knowledge / widely known / erudition
flexible / accommodating
to open to traffic (e.g. new bridge, rail line etc) / (of a locality) to have a transportation service / (Tw) to commute
to link up / to thread together
cannot get through (on phone)
to circulate / to flow (esp. capital) / to intermingle / to merge / to become assimilated
public transport / mass transit
notification / notice / ticket / receipt
common / everyday / average
STO Express, courier service headquartered in Shanghai, founded in 1993
to connect / to put through
admission notice (delivered by a university)
mail address
to set up an electric circuit / to electrify / to switch on / to be connected to an electricity grid / open telegram
unobstructed / clear
to be obstructed / to be blocked up / to be impassable / to make no sense / to be illogical
to notify at a different time / to notify later / to give prior notice
to communicate with the spirits / psychic / (ears) sensitive / (information) accurate
instant messaging (IM) / instant message
traffic hub
to order the arrest of sb as criminal / to list as wanted
T-joint / T-piece / T-pipe / three links
Tongliao prefecture level city in Inner Mongolia
easy to understand
China Mobile (PRC state telecommunications company)
currency / exchange of goods
correspondent / reporter / messenger boy
means of transportation / vehicle
thoroughfare / passage / pathway / channel
interlinked / connected / communicating / in communication / accommodating
ordinary person / private citizen / people / the person in the street
Ministry of Transport / Transport Department
all / entire / complete
Zhaotong prefecture level city in Yunnan
general rule / general principle
to lead to
traffic sign

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