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  *逐* | 逐* | *逐
to pursue / to chase / individually / one by one
progressively / step by step
to chase / to pursue vigorously
to tussle / to contend / to contest
to expel / to deport / banishment
year after year / with each passing year / over the years
one by one / one after another
destroyer (warship)
one by one
to increase gradually / to build up
month-by-month / monthly / on a monthly basis
day-by-day / daily / on a daily basis
to expel / to evict / to drive out
line by line (translation, scanning etc) / progressive
to pursue deer / fig. to vie for supremacy
competition / to compete / to pursue
to drift with the waves and go with the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blindly
to banish / to deport / to send into exile / to be marooned
great heroes pursue deer in the central plains (idiom); fig. many vie for supremacy
banishment order / expulsion warrant
to relieve oedema through purging or diuresis (Chinese medicine)
to deport / to expel
smile spread across the face (idiom); beaming with pleasure / all smiles / joy written across one's face
lit. hunting deer in the Central Plain (idiom) / fig. to attempt to seize the throne
pursuit race / chase
gradually / one after another / little by little
line by line scanning / progressive scanning
bad money drives out good money (economics)
to neglect the root and pursue the tip (idiom) / to neglect fundamentals and concentrate on details
the First Emperor's order to expel foreigners / (fig.) notice to leave / words or behavior intended at turning visitors out
to abandon gradually
to ask sb to leave / to show sb the door / to give a tenant notice to leave
to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
proceeding at a tremendous pace / getting on like a house on fire
like flies pursuing a stink (idiom); the mob chases the rich and powerful / the crowd runs after trash
to turn away / to drive away
to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
successive approximate values (idiom)
literal / word by word and phrase by phrase

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