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transparent / open (non-secretive)
to leak out / to divulge / to reveal
(lit. and fig.) to permeate / to seep into / (of a product, idea etc) to penetrate (in a population) / (of hostile forces) to infiltrate / (chemistry) osmosis
  *透* | 透* | *透
to penetrate / to pass through / thoroughly / completely / transparent / to appear / to show
to penetrate
to soak / to saturate / to drench / to permeate
dialysis (separation of crystalloids by osmosis)
to flow freely (of air) / to ventilate / to breathe (of fabric etc) / to take a breath of fresh air / to divulge
transparency / (policy of) openness
to see through / perspective / to examine by fluoroscopy (i.e. X-ray)
plot leak / spoiler
to understand thoroughly / to see beyond the facade / to see through (sb)
penetrating / thorough / incisive
(banking) to overdraw / to take out an overdraft / an overdraft / to overspend (i.e. expenditure in excess of revenue) / (old) to draw one's wage in advance / (fig.) to exhaust (one's enthusiasm, energy etc) / to damage a natural resource through overuse
Reuters (news agency)
Reuters News Agency
to divulge / to leak / to reveal
to transmit / transmission (of radiation through a medium) / passage
bright / shining / translucent / crystal clear
pure and limpid / (of a person) quick-witted
lottery / lotto (loanword)
drenched / wet through
completely ripe / ripened / well-cooked
convex lens
out-and-out / thoroughly
to let air pass through / to ventilate
to fully grasp / to penetrate
sealed off / impenetrable
exquisitely made / very clever
to disclose inside information / to divulge secret details
rotten to the core
permeable / percolation / water leak
(idiom) no secret can be kept forever
in a bad state / horrible / dreadful / entirely regrettable
lens (optics)
perspective (in drawing)
to pass through / to penetrate / by means of / via
hemodialysis machine
transparent / translucent
to have a win in the lottery
penetrating / incisive
organza (fabric)
penetrating radiation
to hate bitterly
to break (sb's heart) / to cause grief to
completely bad
translucent / semitransparent
anti-infiltration (measures taken against subversive external forces) / (chemistry) reverse osmosis
Varying Permeability Model (VPM), (used to calculate decompression schedules in diving)
turbine (loanword)
to be unable to guess or make out
to have sufficient insight to perceive / to suspect that ...
(Tw) row house / townhouse / terrace house
waterproof / watertight / impermeable
to dry out / to dry completely
concave lens
(Tw) Anti-infiltration Act (2020), which regulates the influence of entities deemed foreign hostile forces
meniscus lens
(of a body of water) clear enough to see the bottom / limpid
osmotic pressure
correcting lens
chest fluoroscopy
thin lens (optics)
Reuter's Financial Glossary
Reuters group plc
reverse osmosis
swordtip squid (Tw)
Scotch tape
hyaluronic acid / hyaluronan
dialysis machine
variant of 透徹|透彻
cutaneous anthrax
perspective drawing
perspective (in drawing)
perspective drawing
perspective drawing
see-through clothing
transparency (networking)

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