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to select / to pick / choice / option / alternative
to be elected / to be selected
to filter
athlete / contestant
to elect / election / CL: , 個|个
to select the best
to take part in an election / to run for office
candidate (attributive)
  *选* | 选* | *选
to choose / to pick / to select / to elect
to be a candidate in an election or other selection process / to run for office / to turn out to vote
to be included among those selected for
carefully chosen / handpicked / best of the bunch / choice (product) / concentration (mining) / to concentrate / to winnow
to choose / to pick / to settle upon / to decide upon a candidate / to be selected for some role
option; alternative; choice / to choose a project
to select and purchase / to buy
to optimize / preferred
to choose / to select
voter / constituency / electorate
available / optional
to choose for some purpose / to select and use
first choice / premium / to come first in the imperial examinations
to choose by oneself / free to choose / optional / self-service
(at a school) to take as an elective / an elective / elective (subject)
to select / to choose / to settle on
beauty contest
choice of person / candidate
to choose
to select / to pick
to vote by ballot
excerpt / selection (from a book) / to select / to choose an extract
to pick / to choose / to select
to pick out / to select / to elect
to select talented individuals / (sports) draft
to select courses
general election
to select and edit / to compile
alternative (plan, arrangement, strategy etc)
(in elections for village committees in the PRC since the 1990s) unrestricted nomination, a type of election where 1. everyone in the community is eligible to nominate somebody 2. voting is done by writing the name of one's nominee on the ballot, and 3. one's nominee can be anyone in the community (Nominees who receive the highest number of votes may be thereby elected or, more often, presented as the candidates in a further round of voting.) / (in other contexts) selection of the best contender in a process open to all comers / (in the entertainment industry) open audition
compilation / selected works
to elect / to choose
selected works (poems, documents etc) / anthology
to select / to detail / to set apart / to appoint
a vote; ballot / CL: 張|张
primary election
to fail to be chosen (or elected) / to lose an election
seed selection / breeding
to select and send over
(election) campaign
direct election
preselection / short-listing / primary election
anthology / selected works
an excerpt / a digest
reelection / to reelect
democratically elected
to buy votes (in an election)
universal suffrage
to choose an appropriate location
to select / to sort out
product selection
optional (equipment)
to win an election
check box
chosen and called
selective / selectiveness / selectivity
the state of play in an election / the current state of a candidate's campaign
selected (for admission) / elected
to be elected
selected outstanding scholars (in former times) / cream of the crop
selective listening (linguistics)
to decant / to strain off
to select on the basis of a vote or consensus
to select a suitable site / site / location
flotation process
electoral district / constituency
(software) menu
to have no other choice
to select (one or more options from a list) / to check (a box)
Miss World Beauty Pageant
to be chosen; to be selected
to choose freely; to pick whichever one fancies
candidate / CL:
collaborative filtering
to assist in a candidate's election campaign (Tw)
to select very carefully
election participant / candidate
voter turnout
discard eligible (Frame Relay) / DE
multiple-choice question
multiparty election
(literary) a little while
competitive election (i.e. with more candidates than seats)
to call for entries and select the best / to solicit (entries, submissions, applications etc) / to select (the best candidate) / contest / competition
to select
newly elected
universal suffrage

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